Cav pulled the trigger too early imo. Gorillas gon’ gorilla.

Cancellara throws his bike at the line while Cav sits up and looks around, result is that Cancellara is in yellow rather than Martin. Tony’s probably not happy with Cav.

Yeah, Cav is Cavving all over twitter this morning. Reckons he just ran out of puff, but who knows for sure?
Highly unlikely Cav would ever just say “yeah, I sat up too early, sorry Tony…”, he always just attacks anyone who criticises him instead.

Yeah, Cav is a lot of things, but one thing he never ever is, is wrong.

Same here. Tried chrome and firefox. it was only the 30min recap, all other vids worked.

Hope Hansen can continue.

was wondering what this things was.

^ Tack dispenser.

Doubles as a ass saver.

Fires out turtle shells. Or banana peels.

a lot of good sensations brewing.

New transponder killed all the aero gains on the new venge, cav didn’t stand a chance

“Cancellara (TFR) recorded the top speed in the sprint finish today with a speed of 69.16 km/h; higher than that of stage winner André Greipel (LTS).”

Better to have a slower sprint that has a longer kick.

Renshaw went, and then pulled off, too early.

I still love the Ridley with the oldie livery. So perfect.

Found this interesting in a marketing / advertising way.

Found this interesting in a marketing / advertising way.

I noticed Mollema with what looked like a rear light during the TT. My girfriend pointed it out, and I assumed it was a flash from the telemetry GPS thing they are using. Until a closer look. Think Cancelarra had it too.

^ my first thought was CV expanding their sphere of influence