Team Sky now to wear Rapha

team sky | Rapha

F, uck. Who wantin to buy all of my Rapha?

Simon Mottram, Founder and Chief Executive of Rapha says:

“Passion, passion passion passion passion. Passion! Passion: passion, passion, passion and passion. Passion.”

I look forward to seeing Team Sky racing next season whilst wearing this…

they ride shimano though…

Maybe wiggins will let his sideburns slowly form into a beard now…

So basically 2013 Sky kit will look the same but cost double?

with all the obligatory stopping for coffee, hard poses etc they gonna lose


the tour will be broadcast in black and white and filmed with macro lenses in 2013

and they’ll have lots of cafe hang out time.

slow motion epic cafe hang out time

wiggins 2013 bike now rumoured to be pastel yellow in recognition of 2012 win

I thought all the bikes were going to be sepia tone.

oh totally, only those epic enough to be at the tour will know


the tour is no longer a race, just an epic point to point

Pastel yellow n pink :stuck_out_tongue:

With bloggers following closely taking medium format photos.

It’s a big thing for rapha…
Something the rapha haters don’t notice is that as a company they not only actually love cycling, they actually put a decent amount of time, money and effort back into the sport…

Something assos for instance don’t do…