tell me quickly now...

quickly now, why do you ride a brakeless fixie? for an article.

pls no mention of “being at one with/connected to the road” or “zen”

no arguments, ok? i just want your reasons. everything else will be deleted.

because the fork isnt drilled and i dont want to ruin the bike

i feel i ride resposibly enough to not do damage to my self or some one else, plus since i started riding brakless i dont go as fast as i did before, plus is fun

EDIT: ruin the bike any more than i am now by riding it pn the street and not clening it after massive down pours

I like the challenge and someone once told me that I’d never learn to skid if I had a brake on the bike.

Because it’s hard.

coz you aren’t allowed on the track with 1

I don’t. But stripped/naked bikes look sexy.

because track rims like my campag pista aren’t machined.

I ride brakless when it rains, as my wheels aren’t machined…

Makes bunch rides like the ‘tour de burbs’ more interesting. I got told about a guy that did it twice… :slight_smile:

For a number if reasons:
the rush ( sometimes it’s nice to be scared)
It’s a nice feeling controlling the bike speed with just your legs.
Bike looks hawt brakless( I know superficial)
My calfs look hawt from riding brakless

cos huge ballz

Babes love dudes riding brakeless bikes.



^^ haha, yes, that is more the case…

You’re getting some great responses Brendan! The article’s practically written for you.

It’s hip !

ok… I don’t ride brakeless but someone had to say it.

I ride brakeless because I’ve squeezed the front brake too hard a few too many times, (especially whilst drunk). When I upgraded from a conversion to a track bike with an undrilled fork, I kept meaning to install a campagnolo brake that I bought, but I was scared to drill through the carbon, and eventually learnt to ride without a brake, and I feel I’m a safer rider now moreso than ever (I was terrible, now just pretty bad).

The challenge, the feeling you get when you realise you CAN do it. Despite the nay-sayers I am now a safer rider. Knuckle tatoo potential.

i consider that a fixed gear is a brake in itself, just like the coaster brakes in had on so many bikes when i was a kid.
all of the first fixed gears i rode were brakeless, and when i built my first bike and then my second it never occurred to put one on because i’d never experienced riding with one.
the aesthetic is a big thing too, and having a track frame with an undrilled fork is a factor as well.
and riding your bike on the street knowing that you have to stop with your legs makes ME a lot more aware of my surroundings, makes me anticipate traffic and pedestrians much better and forces me to concentrate more than i would if i was riding on a bike with a freewheel.

hope this helps brendan

editing a quote to further support your article, like a true journalist!