tell me quickly now...

“Remember kid…style can get you killed…”

So I don’t have to drill my forks, and because I dont have a machined sidewall! That said, on my other bike which is a conversion I do run a front brake.

Already been mentioned but I do enjoy the challenge and definitely the thrill.

and ma arrospoks give me a double multiplier hipster score

  • Bike looks way better
  • Its a challenge
  • 50 year old roadies everywhere think you are a menace to society
  • Punk Rawk ETC

Peer pressure from

Also leads to -

  1. buying a ‘true’ track frame.
  2. pretending not to like aerospokes.
  3. shunning conversions.
  4. never wearing lycra.
  5. secretlly loving clipless pedals.

i feel like a cheater with a brake on, which makes no sense because i’m cheating death without one.
mm poetic

Omg so true, cept I love aerospokes.

Edit, i meant the one above, posted by drozzy

i have ridden brakeless, but that was with a pretty short ratio so i could easily stop. i wouldn’t feel comfortable riding through peak hour traffic with a reasonable ratio and no front brake, even though i don’t use it that much

interview done / article in process. thank you all for your responses. if you wish to continue this discussion - which is pretty enlightening - pls do so.

Do you think it’s because you ride slower? If at all? These last few weeks I couldn’t fathom riding brakeless to work and back. The hill down past moonee valley rc on a damp road would be terrifying to ride at the speed I do without brakes.

I meant on all bikes. The way i interpret traffic has changed.
But also, yes, i ride heaps slow in the wet brakeless. Frankly, that’s a good thing. Everyone should go slow in the wet. Commuting ain’t no racing.

huh? what do you mean?

you mean the 50 year olds who invented punk rock for you? :wink:

(John Lydon turned 54 this year, Steve Jones turned 55, Paul Cook 54, Malcolm Mclaren turned 64, John Ritchie would have been 53…)

Yeah cool. I was just asking as nowdays have brakes on my bikes (getting older? and some veeeery close calls), but I rode brakeless a few weeks back and it rained in the afternoon. I had to ride sooo slow, way slower than I usually do in the wet that it just wasn’t feasible. I totally understand the sunny day recreational brakeless thing, just curious as to the day to day stuff.

Because I love contributing to the police force revenue fund.

Because i ride a track bike on the street and track bikes dont have brakes

I’m not against no brakes, one of my bikes has no brakes. I just find it tiresome to go slower when all I have to do is have a brake installed. I say it’s mainly peer pressure and aesthetics as to why people have no brakes… just my opinion though.