Tell Us What You Think About Our New Fixie

Hi Guys,

Our new fixie is in, and we’ve changed it up a bit, according to feedback from this very forum and from many PM’s sent to me.

Have a look, and ALL constructive feedback is welcome! Tell US what you think!

Also, one of you with the BEST feedback will get one FREE of charge (if you want).

Thanks for looking.




Mallet 360 Fixed Gear Bar Spin Bike

Feedback will be sent in a PM.

Mallet 360 Fixed Gear Bar Spin Bike


It’s without doubt the hottest bike I’ve ever seen, so much so I aim to blow every one of the Cell Bikes staff and sleep on the street outside your shop premise the night before they’re delivered just so I can buy them all.

It’s Ok if you PM me :wink:

Hottest bike you’ve ever seen? How many bikes have you seen in your life :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Thanks for the compliment, but I can think of quite a few bikes that look waaay hotter,
but value for money, this one’s pretty good on your wallet!

If I could afford it, I’d go MBK Bruiser. We’re the Toyota of bikes, if you can afford something much nicer, or better spec’d, go for it. If you want something that will last a while, is solid, and can do barries, have a look.

As far as my personal feedback, I wish we could’ve done a more ‘un-roady-ish’ looking seat and seatpost.
I originally spec’d this to have a pivitol seat and seatpost, but the turnaround time would’ve delayed this bike.

Listen lover … don’t tell me what to think, it’s obvious you don’t understand my needs, I’m feeling a need for time alone.

It’s over between us :frowning:

You can still PM me if you’re in a giving mood

Sloping TT makes it look clean and modern.
Fork looks nice in a simple kind of way.
All i’d be doing is fitting SPD pedals, some low profile BMX type bars(ones with the cross bar), some nicer grips,and 28 or 32 chunky tyres, and ripping along the linear path,and creekline single tracks in my Burb.
The sloping TT would make it an ideal polo hack too, i think.
Orange FTW colour wise.
Certainly fit a niche in my bike shed at the moment.

is it just me or are the seat post clamps facing the wrong way on those bikes?

Nice work. I like the simple clean lines. For the price bracket you are chasing, they seem quite good. I like that you have continued with the lack of decals. Colour wise, the orange is a standout for me. Maybe because it would match my Inbred 29er :slight_smile:
While I am not looking for a trick bike, if I was I imagine it would look similar to your bikes.
Once again good work and thanks for listening to peoples feedback.
Now how about that inch and an eighth, lugged frame and fork, with chrome lugs?:wink:

Thanks for the feedback justdave. The tyres are already 32c, but maybe some fyxations or something with a bit bigger. The tyres on it may look smaller than 32c, because the tubes on this bike are pretty beefy.

This bike is solid, but not an anchor. Yeah, I wanted BMX-crossbar riser bars as well, but that would’ve delayed shipment. And yeah, the seatpost clamp does look the ‘wrong way’, but the factory did the seat tube with the gap thing, facing the other way, if you know what I mean.

What do you guys think of us doing a pivitol seatpost with a wedge-style base, to eliminate the need for a clamp?

Yeah,also a QR style would be in keeping with the theme of the bike as well.

Maybe look at the option of selling the bike as a kit, like frame + wheels + cranks and headset and seatpost, then people can set it up with whatever bars tyres and whatnot that they want as thats a pretty personal thing, but still sell the complete to newer people or people on a budget. The bike looks pretty sorted, all you could offer is an accessories pack as well to get people rolling (shoes multi tool etc). Also the option to play with ratios might be good for tricksters

But basically for that price point i think it would be asking alot to get better than that

how much is it?

I’m not into the whole fixed gear freestyle thing, but they do look really good and forgiving. Not everyone is keen to ride a pursuit frame around and they look comfortable and versatile.
I think it’s great you’re asking for opinions here too because although there are some salty dicks on this site, a lot of people know what they like/are talking about. As for the pivotal post/wedge set up, could you make one strong enough and long enough for proper extension?
Some bmx frames have an allen key hole that goes through the frame underneath the top tube, fwd of the seat tube that is the seat clamp. From experience these clamp well, are safe from legs/pants, and look really clean.

The guy in the video on the product page for the bike is riding single speed and brakeless… :\

Orange bike looks great, but the seatpost height on the white bike looks more balanced. Since one of the big selling points of the bike is that you can do barspins (in closed off areas), I think you’d be well of to show a vid or a couple of shots of the bike doing barspins while being ridden fixed, to show that overlap isn’t going to be a problem.
Finding a headset where you could pipe a front brake cable through the top cap and fork steerer so you could run a brake with a low profile caliper would be ace as well.
Those would be some good motivators to buy a bike unseen via the mail.
Other than that the bike looks good.

the answer is only a click away

Fuck, that’s a good deal. Almost as cheap as a set of B43’s. I’d get one for a commuter if I had the cash lying around.

Noticed that. Dodgeeeeee video haha. The bike isnt really doing it for me but looks up a class from the rest of the cell fixies…

BTW, fucking GREAT way to get honest feedback, in all seriousness.