Tell Us What You Think About Our New Fixie

geometry is way too upright.

I’d buy one to bomb around on, if I didn’t already have a bike to bomb around on, and didn’t want the fun of building one.
I’d probably only get the frame really, and stick my own shit on there.

I have one of these on my frame, it’s a nice look

who’s the 'tarded kid in the video…

you better be getting a government grant for employing him…

looks like a fun bike to learn how to trick on… currently ride a track frame which doesnt permit tricks… so if i had the spare cash id surely buy one to use for a bit of fun. I think the geo looks pretty good for the price. I reckon the orange looks great! Nice clean looking bike. Good price. cant go wrong!

honestly i think it looks nice…cross between a trick/tarck bike but looks commuter friendly/cool enough for anyone new to riding. It’s overall a very clean bike…not over the top(simple cranks, stem, bars). The sloping upward top-tube is something different in the market as well.

my friend has the old model cell bike - White colour , orange decals, Heavy orange coloured b43 style wheels (not sure of model)…first impression wasn’t great due to the cell decals which were visually cheap, but the forks on that bike were nice (aero style) and build quality is good…maybe this model could use the old forks.

I think it will do great on sales based on the price, type of cell decals you put on it, colour range available and how well the thing is built.

anyway my two cents =)

i think it looks dope! kinda reminds me of Brooklyn Machine Works’ Gansta Track. However, I prefer the seatpost angle to be a bit more up right, though. Overall, the bike looks way better than any other Cell bikes, I’ve seen! Maybe because it doesn’t have the cheap looking decals, as someone mentioned above. Good deal for the price!!!

I’d take a Toyota over most cars on the market. Well built, value for money, and reliable.

Even with the recent issues, they’re still more reliable than all US built cars!

and Australian…

re Geometry: Its reminiscent of BMX.
Why machined sidewalls if people are going to buy it to do spins and can’t run brakes. Having non machined sidewalls would drop ~$30 off the price?

yep the more I look at it the more I think POLO bike.

if it barspins then it’s gonna be suited for stops and stands in polo without toe strike.

Anyone else think it would look kinda cool with a front disc friendly fork and disc?

Any idea on the weight Mark?

yeah I like it, versatile, the geo is a little upright for my liking, it sorta makes drops impossible, or it looks silly if you did try them. Good for polo if you needed something upright and cheap to smack about. the 32c is solid and can run randoneers, or marathons, all very tough, my choice would be the maxxis columbierre slick, tough and low profile.

One of the only things I don’t like about buying an off-the-shelf bike is that there is always a couple of parts on the bike that I know I’ll have to change, although you can’t please everyone you could always offer more options on the parts, not just the colours.
IE, What if I liked the wheelset but want something different on the rear, why couldn’t I say give me X wheel instead and I’ll pay the upgrade cost… rather than having to go through the whole selling and buying of that part. I guess you also get a similar satisfaction of building your own bike.
Not sure how this works on the business side though as I’m guessing something like this would end up with a whole bunch of odds and ends.

My two bits, great value bike regardless.

Edit: forgot to delete part of my post…

Leave the complete as is, and offer a frame/forks headset deal like the cilletto.
Plenty of punters are just average Joe’s who want to try the whole trendy fixed thing without blowing mega $$$ on a custom build, nor even have the capability or interest to do so.They would grab something like this and ride it without too much care for swapping or changing etc…
Plenty of near new OTR bikes get flipped on ebay(presumably because it doesn’t suit them)in stock standard as purchased mode.
If this is your intended market then don’t over complicate it.
A frame set option would give the likes of this forum’s members an opportunity to build a more suitable hack or get something to hang the spare parts bin on for polo etc…

thx rhys, im actually pushing for this in any future incarnation of our next batch of fixies. if we ever get any of our fixies 100%, it’ll be because of you guys and your input & feedback.

if we wanted nonmsw, that would have affected delivery time. There were quite a few things that were changed last moment due to delivery issues. So we figured a bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush. hahaha (i like that saying).

yeah, thats Tao, one of our mechs. that was actually his 1st time on a 700c sized bike. he rides his bmx brakeless as well. i tried it once, it wasnt for me. do any of you guys out there live near our shop and can do fixie tricks?

if you can, send me an email (‘mark’ in the front) and we’ll do a video with you.

hahahahahahaha…that’s too funny…even though he isn’t ‘officially’ retarded, we’ll still ask for that grant.

what brand of bike is it? Eastern? pls PM me or email me with a ‘mark’ round the front