Tell Us What You Think About Our New Fixie

Yeah, the 54cm is approx 8.8kg (on our Topeak Workstand scale)

Right now, we’re going to offer it as a complete. I see ourself as a bike company that gets people into cycling, rather than the company that has build kits and whatnot.

We’re happy to provide bikes at a certain pricepoint, and then when a customer wants something a bit more upmarket, they get something more expensive and tailor made by them.

Fitting out a bike and then riding it, is the closest I’ll come to giving birth I think.

I dig everything about this bike, except the front half geometry. If the steer tube was a little shorter and the top tube was more level, this would be one of my favourite frames.
the running gear isn’t obviously going to be to everyones tastes, but considering how most of the users on this forum are relatively hardcore about their bikes and have vastly different tastes, this treads the middle ground quite well.
The styling is very subtle, nothing ostentatious, no cable stays, no bottle mounts, what more can i say?

Well done guys, looks good. This is definitely in the running as a bike for the lady friend!

does the laid back geometry make it any harder to skid? (can you still get most of your body weight over the bars to complete longer skids?)


^ I do like the mallet frame, but the 360 is a beter package.

put all of the running gear from the 360 (including fork) on a mallet, with no decals and i’d totally hit that shit

looks like a nice relaxed riding position.

Please Note: The Mallet-360 Runs BIG!!!

If you usually ride a 54cm, choose 51cm
If you usually ride a 57cm, choose 54cm
if you usually ride a 59cm, choose 57cm

This makes no sense to me - The stem is almost non-existant, but you’re saying the bike runs big?

How are you measuring your bikes? a 57cm virtual top tube measurement C-C is the same on any bike if you measure using the same methodology.

It would be runs big as is to allow clearance for barspinz. Longer top tube, more clearance. Similar to other trick frames with sloping top tube, bruiser, droput etc

Methodology is not a fancy synonym for method. Just something that really gets my goat.

ology (from AG: logia via ML): “the science or study of”

So literally, methodology is the science or study of methods.

Now that’s constructive feedback. Do I win the bike now?

the orange colourway is best IMO. with the black stock group it is a keen buy for anyone wanting a street bike or getting into tricks.
the fact that the bike has the ability to barspin is a good aspect as ive been seeing a lot more trick riding and it seems to be getting more popular. so a good step in the right direction there.
the fork looks a bit cheap to me. maybe its the position of the dropout, its looks like its just cut out of the squashed fork tubing. maybe if it was moved to a different angle or even braze on dropout. also not too keen or what looks like a nipple for the front brake mount. too protruding.
the front half is quite tall. maybe its in relation to the back end, because the clearances arent big.
and is that indent in the seat tube stopping the seat post from going lower?
the stock parts are good looking. the stem is quite short and the seat no so nice. i would probably change the cranks, mainly for strength reasons.

all up it looks tough enough for day to day and a bit of bashing. the stock parts look good. the fork no so great, but thats a personal thing.
i’d get one if i was on a budget. i mean its a good price. and not many of the stock parts would “need” to be changed really.

I don’t like it one little bit

Fucking etymological beatdown!

Not to be confused with an entomological beatdown.

If the top tube is longer than usual this should be reflected in the sizing figures on the website. Bike sizing should include a virtual measurement from the top of the steerer tube to where the top tube would intersect the seat tube if it was horizontal. You can’t increase the top tube length without increasing that measurement proportionately.

Just seems crazy to me that a business modelled around selling bikes over the internet wouldn’t offer specific sizing information, other than “THIS BIKE RUNS BIG!!!”

See Sheldon on the importance of top tube measurement.

Thanks, Ex-PFC Wintergreen

This thread is going to get quoted in my thesis of lolology. Except for the catch 22 comment, that doesn’t make sense.

Spirito with the one-two sarchasm combo at the start, and heavy metal with the picture perfect match to our new user of the month’s witty play on words. Love it!

I like the new cell fixie. It looks good.

ps. I take a 54 orange.

That’s quite a catch.

Sure it does: Stefan’s reply was as prolix as they come.

Stuff you little man. Now, that’s not prolix. :wink:

That’s ok. Just don’t do it again.