Tenfour Torro

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I wonder if this is the same one that almost ran into me because it was being ridden the wrong way up High St…

This has to belong to the infamous (helmetless) torro guy right? I’d place a bid but it looks huge.

EDIT: I also came close to colliding with him on Smith St once for the same reason.

Yes this is the one, originally belonged to user samhenry. Looks like it still has the exact same parts as when he built it 2 years ago. IIRC they’re 1" forks with a home-made dooverlacki to fit the headtube.

keen on this…

looks like phil hubs

sorry, but I could not think of a shittier frame to ride on the road… they handle like balls.

77° headtube with a wheelbase short as a motherfucker. I can imagine this would suck.

$565.55? Someone scored.

I bailed at the point where the price exceeded the value of the wheelset by 50 bucks or so. Was highest bidder for a while, and fearing i had to pick it up and ride it home.

Indeed. Can’t help but think if Tenfour Torro was in the title it would’ve gone for a lot more…and parts list…and decent photos…and…

I nabbed it. Got a few friends OS that will be interested at least in parts.
Couldn’t resist, it’s got a ck headset and sugino 75 cranks, pretty sure a Thomson post as well as a stem too.
Funny thing is this bike was brought in by a friend who use to ride a few years back, and he waited 6 months or shipping and paid $700 just for the frame!

bargain, good buyin, FOA mafia strikes again.

I have a bad feeling it’s stolen though, will quiz the guy when I pick it up.

did wonder about this on account of the complete lack of discriptive details for the listing


If not stolen, good buying. I only recognized phil wheelset and thomson stem. Had i known about cranks etc i would have kept bidding.

you are man mountain, they will buckle under the weight of your interrogation.

Yeah when he msg’d me back he seemed awfully keen to offload ASAP, messaged twice in like 10 mins then replied straight away. Other option is its just great service :slight_smile:

Story goes, which checks in with other avenues of info. Is that the guy who sold it was owed money by the guy and was handed the bike…Tried to et in touch with the previous known owner to confirm, but no dice. I’ve got these guys address and phone contacts if the original owner calls foul play.

you mentioned toro, and i was hoping it would be one of these: