The "art" thread??

Howdy peoples,

I thought it might be interesting for people who create art (be it visual, audio, word, etc) to post about it here.

I’ll start:

Other than riding bicycles I enjoy drawing with cheap mechanical 0.5mm pencils and making sounds with guitars and DIY electronic noise devices (both scratch built and modified consumer items).

Please ignore the frames and green backgrounds. They appear this way to match my website.

Detail of the above drawing.
More here if anyone is interested.

I’m not very good at “art” per se, but I have played in two bands (My Sister The Cop and SWORDS) that people seemed to enjoy.

I do enjoy the work of my friend Rowan Tedge (he also used to drum in My Sister The Cop), and when I remember, I like looking at the Grain Edit blog which focuses on classic design work from the 1950s-1970s and contemporary designers that draw inspiration from that time period.

I think SWORDS and My Sister The Cop’s myspace profiles has been hacked. Before the pages finish loading they are redirected to a spam quiz site:

I have tried a few other profiles just to make sure it wasn’t a universal problem and they all seemed to load fine…


that blog is the radness.

these are a few other blogs that i like:

and this is my gf’s local sydney art collective:

Nah, I think it’s Myspace. I tried to look at the Crime In Choir myspace and the same thing happened.

Thanks for the blog links! I’ll give them a good look when I have a bit of time to kill :slight_smile:

Strange. Every other profile I tried worked just fine. I even tried a mix of music and regular profiles… Myspace is always having problems.

Awesome link.


tell us more?

I enjoy “Bending” keyboards, drum-machines and children’s toys. Basically it involves opening them up and soldering in switches, potentiometers, capacitors, resistors, diodes, ICs and the like and possibly cutting a few trace lines. This can result in some pretty crazy sounds.

Also, I am building some analog 10 step sequencers and a few lofi noise synths (square wave stuff with LFOs) at the moment.A little stalled right now though as I am waiting on getting some components through customs… I really want heat up my soldering iron and get to work!!

this girl is a really good mate of mine and some of her sketches are just amazing

Agreed. Very nice sketches indeed.

cool, i bent a keyboard a couple of years ago. put in about 9 connections but nothing really fancy. I’ve been meaning to do some more, maybe with light sensors etc, but buying all the switches always ended up so expensive. i’ve got an alesis hr 16 drum machine that has some potential, but i’m nervous i’ll break it.

I know what you mean. All the components really can add up… Best to buy in the largest quantities you can afford. I tired to work out most of my future projects for next year or so and bought most of the parts at once. Steer clean of Jay Car and DSE as you will end up spending a fortune.

HR16s are great but known for being quite fragile. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one or two to play with… There is a ton of detailed information about them on the net. Seen the kids over at burnkit2600 and their DIY sound ROMs? Very interesting stuff!!

For what its worth

You have some really nice shots!

I noticed you have traveled a fair bit… Did you pick-up any cool part finds while overseas?

You ever tattooed anyone grandpa? Or designed any? I like your style and really good shading.

I guess you can call these ‘art’ if you want…

Graffiti is art for sure, and a tough medium to learn IMO

this was a 2 screenprint i made from a watercolour that was for sale on here a while back, i still have a bunch left

Grandpa, your stuff is wild!

Definitely art Ross. The first one is my favorite!

Are you familiar with the artist Alexandre Orion? One of my favorite pieces of his was the cleaning of pollution from the tunnel walls of a motor-way. He was harassed my police countless times but as he was just cleaning they couldn’t actually stop him. He drew a few thousand skulls over a couple of nights and then used the pollution covered rags to make paint for some works on paper back at his studio. I seem to recall him being featured on an episode of SBS’s Dateline.

He also did a series of photos where he would put stencils up in the street and then hide for hours and hours with his camera until he captured someone unawares interacting with his pieces.

Haven’t tattooed anyone. Don’t feel compelled to work with others peoples skin, a little too personal for me. Plus I m a very private worker, I need to draw in solitary.

Thanks BM, you have some pretty nice work yourself.