The Coffee Thread

i spotted no less than 3 1kg caterer’s tins of the shit in his pantry!

im am convinced that that shit people call ‘instant coffee’ is just the skids left over at the coffee roasting factory. they just dust of the machines and sweep the floors.

“hey ma! i got us a can of floor sweepings.”

We should have stayed in, played Galaga and drank instant. I didn’t realise you were such a fan Murray. No more espresso for you.


forever grateful to mrs commuter for weaning me off that shit.

One word. VACUUM

Dont try too hard to get crema on a stovetop, there is not enough pressure to get any, you might get a thin film of golden brown on top but its not really crema. That doesnt mean you cant get a good taste, stovetops can make great black coffee with lots of body, just not crema.

With any brewing method, the most important tool is a grinder. Fresh beans (within 2 weeks of being roasted is best) need to be freshly ground, and at the right grind particle size for the method you are using to brew. The basics of the grind is fine grind for espresso machines, medium grind for stovetops and other percolators, coarse grind for plunger and siphon. If you really want decent coffee at home, get a grinder and play with varying the grind and see how much of a difference it makes.

Then you also need to experiment with the dose or amount of coffe you use, and if appropriate the tamp or compacting of that coffee in the basket.

Domestic coffee machines usually have 15+ bar of pressure, which is too high. A commercial machine runs at 9 bar, you would think that commercial macines would use more pressure than domestic but it is not the case, it must be cheaper to use a pump that generates 15+ bar. So on a domestic machine, to compensate for the pressure being too hign, you need to use a very fine grind, and a higher dose and firmer tamp than you would with a commercial machine. Basically you want the water to be only just getting through, extracting rich coffee oils, solubles and crema, rather than dirty water. Like someone else mentioned, about 25-30 seconds for 30ml of espresso is what you are aiming for.

Plenty more info where that came from, hit me up with any other questions or even make a time to come see me at Genovese, so i can get paid to talk shit.

Otherwise stick with mckennys recommendation, international roast, you can even put milk in the microwave then whisk it with a fork to make it froffy.

I bought the Bialetti Brikka stovetop to check it out. It makes crema, but it doesn’t last very long. Good coffee though. I love stovetop coffee, but “technically” (if you care) making coffee on stove tops burns the coffee as the water passing through is too hot.
Atomic’s aren’t rare at all. Used ones sell for between $300 and $500 and same price for a reproduction one. You can always get one on ebay, they are constantly on there.
Seeing as stovetop “burns” the coffee I cant justify buying an atomic, though I’ll prob get one one day for the collection i have.
What I want is the PRESSO coffee maker. Beats stove top i hear. Might buy myself one for xmas.

Between coffee’s knowledge and bumnut’s coffee maker collection the last 2 posters have some solid experience.

i was just waiting for them to drop by. :slight_smile:

have fun with your coffee i say though…

This is my work set up. An Azkoyen Bravo… It’s been going strong for 9 years with a couple of element changes here and there. Don’t mind the mess under the grinder… just emptying last weeks grind.

I am coming down to Melbourne (Moonee Ponds) in Feb for a few months and was hoping to find something nearby for a good coffee. I will definitely drop by and have a chat.

bumnut, if you collect coffee makers you should pop into to my work one day, heaps of the Genovese family’s personal collection on display, levers, E61’s, stovetops and oldschool electrics, you name it…

My set up below (for when you become a grown up):




i will be popping into your work this afternoon after school!

I have been checking out these atomic things and I think this is what I have been looking for. The stove top is good but with this I think I could take my level of snob to the next level.

Does anyone know who does the reproductions?

I think you would pay just as much for a quality reproduction as a genuine second hand model (someone correct me if I am wrong.) There is one at Vic Market I think they want $400 for it. Some reproductions (eg; knock-offs) are poor quality, good resource here:

Can we get a ‘Post Your Coffee Machine’ thread? :smiley:

Bumnut, tell me more about the Presso…looks interesting, but wouldn’t the water be too hot?

I have had a bit of a look around but could find anything similar to a modern day atomic.

Does anybody know of stove top espresso maker (not necessarily an atomic rip off) that functions the same?

I don’t care about a steamer - I go black and as short as I can, grrrrr.

strong, rich & black. just like i like my women. :mrgreen:

I’m no stovetop guru, but wasn’t the main feature of Atomics that they could steam milk?

If you don’t need that, then get any decent stovetop/moka pot (or the Aeropress!)

my work only has instant coffee :cry: might have to look into getting one of these aeropresses. can someone recommend a grinder. nothing too expensive.

You can froth milk in a small coffee plunger. Heat it a bit in the microwave or in a saucepan on the side of the hotplate, then plunge it repeatedly. Works a treat.

I hate using a steamer - it’s a bitch getting the milk off the spout.