The future.

Question, more positive than the last one.
What do you look forward to?
You pretty much are born, learn some things, get a job, then die.
What are YOU filling the time with? Why do you do that? What is the point?
I don’t want this to be similar to the other thread though.

The point is that there is no point.

So do whatever the fuck makes you happiest.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.
Don’t hold a grudge over the little things, and forgive easily.

Saving Money

Check your balls.

Building shit

Having a family, a career and my own home on a property that has enough room for fun times without annoying any neighbours.
Oh yeah and having a dog!

yes +1 on having a dog, they rule!

Any day from which I can awake and go running or riding is a great day - the longer and tougher, the better… I go loco whenever I’m injured

  • Having fun adventures… they can be as simple as exploring the hills behind Canberra, to hanging out with people you have never met but kind of know through a cycling forum, to overseas travels.

  • Always improving myself (skills, knowledge, fitness)

  • Getting older but not growing older.

  • Waking up with a smile, going to bedfull of stokedness.

  • Owning my own franchised slice of a multinational business.

combined with


I accept the charge of nihilism, but not hedonism.

That’s a contradiction. I can’t be a nihilist then accept that pleasure is the only intrinsic good, now can i?

Grow my business, build shit. (houses)

Own less, but better bikes.



  1. Raising a family, and helping your kids to grow up to be good people.

  2. Having a career. Doing good work (particularly pro bono work) and, hopefully, making the world a better place.

  3. Sharing life with my wife. The good things in life are much more enjoyable when you share them with someone you love (I know this is sounding more and more like a Hallmark card, but its all true).

  4. Staying active, and riding lots.

  5. Building stuff, whether its a bike, a new workbench or a tree house for the kids.

  6. Enjoying beautiful things, a landscape, a sunset, a nice bottle of wine, a good meal, paintings, good theatre, etc, etc.

greeting every situation with an almost child like enthusiasm…

but seriously I’ve had a few hefty family health scares over the last 15 years (motorbike accidents and cancer)… makes you take life alot less seriously, I find that’s the best way to live.

When you get over/accept most of life’s calamities and realize just how lucky you/we are then every day has it’s riches, and tomorrow can’t come soon enough. The hard part is admitting/accepting how lucky we are. Many of us wish for excuses or would rather live with a cup’s half empty mentality.

If you’ve got good health … you’ve got it good.
You don’t need a lot of friends but if you have a few, true and that you could rely on … you’ve got it good.
If you’ve got food for that day, clothes and shelter … you’ve got it better than most people on this earth, and that’s fucking good.
Everything else is a bonus.

Think I’m wrong … go and listen to those who are terminally ill or close to dying. They wish for the most simple of things, the things we take for granted. A sunny day, an ice cream, putting on a pair of favourite jeans, eating a slice of pizza, watching their kid ride a bike, being with their loves ones, riding a bike.

Life is a gift. Who gave it? Don’t know … doesn’t really matter, but don’t waste it because it’s only once.