The future.

In the future I’ll be happy to continue doing whatever it is that makes me happy and if that includes living on a little farm with a garage full of half completed projects, then I could deal with that.

sweet, free maccas for the boys :slight_smile:

Start my own business.
Get to the point in life where I’m keen to wake up for work (every day is a holiday etc.).

Can I have my birthday party there please?

Live fast, die old.

Did I mention, avoid girls on speed?

Race A-grade.

I always figured I was a diesel of radness chugging along on my own track. It ain’t so bad you know. If I have a shit day or a bad ride at least I get to go home and see my awesome rabbit and my beautiful wife.
My future, fuck. 6 years in the Navy two days ago. Probably do that until my wife finishes uni and lands a job. Get rid of my injury and have a half-decent crack at riding bikes legitimately. Maybe move overseas and try and ride a few 6 day track events, meet some dudes, beast some dudes, whatever. I don’t really have a grand plan. Thanks for reminding me.

pics or ban.

I mean conquer other racing cyclists in a manner which suggests I am further up the food chain than they are. A little hard to photograph myself while doing this - can I get a little slack broheim?

Nah, no slack. I just had visions of you dressed up in some sort of animal costume, having your way with some dudes on the velodrome.

I’ve said too much…

Put your clothes back on and get back to work. Now I’m having visions …

I’m not the only one?

Oh, and one day I wanna be on Polly’s blog. That’ll be amazing. Xoxo

Hah, thats cool! Albie would never go for that. He’s too busy sleeping under my bikes.


Exactly! Hence my question mark. If nothing matters why should i do what makes me happiest and not what makes me most miserable?

The suspicion that nothing is real should be the realisation that anything is possible.

very cool! I had a Dutch rabbit too. Had to be put down late last year sadly. Had a stroke / ear infection. Was nearly 7 years old :frowning:


Im gonna do all that shit I should have done 10 years ago.

life is a adventure that never ends, unless you are a couch potato, and thats sad. get up and live life until its time to go to bed and then start again tomorrow and the next day and so on.