The future.

Do not underestimate the value of hard-core chilling out on the couch.

sorry true that balki, seems to be my recovery location

Get fitter
ride more
spend more time with wifey
surf more
have kids
build a hot rod
appreciate every day the sun rises and sets
Build my new buisness

What spirito said
Every time you feel down, head into a childrens ward and check those tough little bastards out.

cos you may as well. we’ve rejected ultimate, mind independent truths remember?

Building a car from the ground up is one of the most rewarding, educational and frustrating thing I have done so far.

Snowboard as much as possible. I know snow in oz is shit and costs way to much but it’s still snow and great!.

  • I’d like to do more drugs.

Mrs. Spirito and I are conscious of the fact that we “suck at drugs” and hope to bring that back around by making a better effort to get shit faced high and stupid. Problem is the quality of stuff here in Oz isn’t very good and the price is ridiculous so if anyone here wants to support our mission in trade for bike parts feel free to PM me.

1.watching my kids become adults and being friends with them.

  1. Play in a band again and play live (the highest i have ever being) regularly

  2. Live and work overseas with the family, had kids young so i never being, and want to stay as long as i can when i get there.

  3. Get more heavily tattooed than i am now.

Done/doing both of these things with my life at the minute… but doing them at the same time is NOT recommended. I still haven’t done enough of either because I keep getting pulled away from one or the other.

Build a car from the ground up eh?

Lots of crappy drugs here in Nazza Wazza, although I do know a guy who mentioned something about some new highly concentrated mushrooms/extacy in a capsule.
I don’t see the point in that sorta stuff though, I’d just turn out drug fucked like my dad 0_o

Build a P-Far from the ground up.
Week 3 at Bracken Ridge Tafe next Monday.
I still have homework to complete.

get better at whipskidz.
learn how to wheelie the new hillman properly.
build the bianchi tourer and fuck off into some awesome forest somewhere, maybe tassie.

as for the bigger picture, i have no idea. some days i’m ok with that, other days it terrifies me.

become a douchebag guido.

These are pretty good quotes I’ve found quite helpful to live by in the whole “bigger picture” scenario

“You’re born, you keep your head down, you die… if you’re lucky, anything inbetween is a bonus”
Eddie Hitler

“Look at it this way… in a hundred years who’s going to care?”
Sarah Connors waitress mate in Terminator

My brother in law did this. Sweet hot rod, spent years of weekends on it and it still looks like a rust heap to most people.
But it was a truly sweet machine.
It was some Ford from the 30’s.

I will probably do this with Godzilla.

i love douchebag guidos, on their own, but not in groups!

Yes and no. I felt like that for a long time with alcohol. I never had a problem with it but it scared me a lot because my dad did, and was commonly known as an alcoholic, and it did make my childhood heavy and fucked up. Truth is … it wasn’t the alcohol … it was my dad and the alcohol was an excuse/reason for my dad’s actions. Eventually he stopped drinking but still remained a cvnt but of a different kind and just as damaging/unnappealing and harmful/hurtful to me and our family in many ways. It took many years, and even still to this day that part of him remains but he has changed, not becuase of his change in habits but his outlook/understanding and realization of how he affects those around him.

Not uncommonly he has always been an engaging, intelligent, fun person to be around but few (me and our family) saw the whole side of him. His still is a beautiful man, I’ve never busted his chops about what has passed but he knows there’s a limit with me and that there’s a small part of me that will never fully open myself up to him. I’ve also forgiven and accepted all the ugly parts about him and know that I’ve not walked his path, or been in his shoes and that the pain he was going through wasn’t something he wished upon us or knew was manifesting itself from hsi upbringing into mine. I also am immensely proud of him for a lot of good beautiful things he has done for us and others.

He was damaged, and the alcohol just made things exacerbated and vivid and intensified. I struggled to understand and my worst fears were that i’d be just like him. At some point I decided that i choose how I behave, what person I would be and that my own life won’t be lived in some neurotic fear that I’d be some devil spawn. And I wasn’t and haven’t been. I’ve drank like a fish and also gone through periods of non-drinking and my life and actions have been the same and constant irrespective of sobriety. I don’t act violent, I don’t have total loss of memory, I don’t have any issue with alcohol. I am not unable to control my drink/drugs, I don’t damage myself or others and am not in the least addictive in nature.

I have completely different retardations (ask Mrs. Spirito :wink: ).

It’s fucked that a child sometimes has to be wiser than the parent, or is forced to make sense of their parents frailties/flaws and is born into emotional chaos. Of there’s a bonus it makes you pretty tough, wise and hypersensitive … not by choice but by necessity you’ll be a much stronger and instinctual person. I don’t really like the cliche but “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” rings pretty true. At some point you’ll draw the line as to what your life is going to be like and who will control it, rather than personalizing or internalizing a parent or loved one’s illnesses or flaws.

Life’s kinda like riding a bike … few are born with natural talent and even then nobody gets better at it until they train hard, climb hills that were once thought of as impossible and push yourself to higher levels that just plain hurt. Part cathartic, part purifying … never easy.

I’ll tell you one thing … Dylan, you’re a gem, there’s something from you that shines, you leap from the screen and there’s a rich and varied path in front of you. You’re an amazing guy and it’s no coincidence that you’re so popular, funny and draw so many people. I’m sure there’s a part of you’re father that’s just the same but that doesn’t mean you have carry his flaws or that you’ll be crippled like him. We aren’t animals … we can imporve ourselves and be better.

Like your sig says “I love you Dylan” and I can pretty much say so does everyone here. Not a kumbayah moment but here’s a soppy pic that I took in the back yard a few years ago with no meaning or any significance :slight_smile:

^ what he said

Let my (future) kids be as comfortable as my dad and ma made me. We never had lots of cash or stuff, but I have had a good crack (and am only young).

My gran used to always say that “we did the best with what we had”. I always try to live by this.