the Geelong project

As I posted in the post a pic of your latest purchase v2 thread, I’ve just paid a deposit on a custom steel frame by Baum.
I went to Melburn two weekends ago for the Australian Custom Bicycle Show with the intention of talking to the guys at Baum and having a first hand look at the work they do.

There was a event on the Friday night before ACBS in which Andy had arranged for Darrell McCulloch and Darren Baum each spoke about their time in the bike industry and frame building as they see it.
Hearing Darren talk really set in my mind that I wanted a contemporary, steel framed bike as my next roadie.
As nice as Darrell’s bike are, it’s just not my thing.

I planned to catch a train down to Geelong on the Monday morning after ACBS to have a tour and a coffee at the Baum factory. Watching polo and drinking got the better of me and this never happened.

So I called Ryan from Baum today and went over what we had spoken about at both Meeting the Maker and ACBS events. He indicated that the current waiting list is approximately 6 months with 70 frames on the books.
On the books means that people have paid a deposit and secured a position in the waiting list.
My call to Ryan was to make a time to come back to Melburn/Geelong early next year, have a tour, chat, coffee and a fitting.
That’s 6 weeks from now and other customers could stump up some cash and get ahead of me in the queue.
More than enough incentive to put some money down since the wait is already 6 months.

The deposit means that I’ve secured my position in the queue and that Baum will build me a frame no other decisions have to be made at this time.

Come late January I’ll be packing my current road bike into the back of the VW and driving to Geelong.

From what I’ve been told, once I’ve had a fitting and we’ve talked about where and how I want to ride this bike then Darren decides on which tubing is the best fit. My understanding is that it will most likely be a ‘blend’ of tubing from different tube makers.

current parts list plan? weight target?

budget? keen to know what kind of real world numbers projects like these rack up

AND the bike will made in Geelong!

Colour will be your hardest choice. I have a gazillion photoshop mock ups for mine.

I hope it’s everything you’re dreaming it to be!

Yes, colourway is certainly something that will have a lot of time spent on it.

I’ve deliberately sought out a 2010 Campagnolo super record groupset as they never put red on the parts, just black and white.
This was so I didn’t feel I needed to have red in the colourway.

Do it raw carbon, oh wait
What type of riding do you intend to do with it?

Parts list:

2010 Campagnolo Super Record groupset - complete.
FD (32mm), RD, brakes, compact cranks (no Ti), Record BB cups (BSA)
This was purchased from various online sellers, and I’ll have to dig through receipts to find all costs.
I think it was PBK, CRC and Wiggle (or eBay for the FD)

And I’ve just bought a 35mm FD as I don’t know what seat tube size I’ll end up with.

Campagnolo Shamal dark label 2012 wheelset under $1000 from Wiggle, got a coupon to make this happen so no GST or duty.
These are regular clinchers and not the 2-way fit which also helped with the pricing.

Depending on which fork option I go with will probably determine the cockpit.
Either 3T Funda Pro/Team or Enve 2.0. Don’t see me going for an Enve 1.0 to save 50gm.

I like the thread title

Raw steel and raw carbon :wink: (which is very 2011)

Riding with mates, riding by myself. Century rides and hopefully double century rides.
Won’t be racing. Got a Crux to race some CX.

I’ll have to buy some scales. What do recommend SK?

Don’t have a specific weight in mine. Lighter than my current road bike is the only goal.

Can you get a taper headset? Makes a sizable improvement to the handling.
I think evne 2.0s look better than the funda pro too for the record

That makes it easy 3t cockpit as its much lighter and less expensive than the evne stuff… They make awesome wheels and forks but the enve bars, posts and stems are a bit porky…
Ergonovas totally rule too.
Just get some $25 kitchen scales for general parts and a set of cheap luggage scales. Weighing stuff Is fun in a super nerdy way but has little real world value. Other people desiring your fine steed is what really counts :wink:

Have to agree about the Enve fork.

Tapered headtube is something to talk to them about.
If I mention it in January then there is a good 4 months for them to think about it and try
some stuff out before my frame is built.
The downside is that I’m not building the frame and it’s not my name on hanging above the door.
If Darren says no because he feels that it doesn’t suit the style of frame that he builds then that’s the end of it.

And it would depend on how it was implemented, a tapered/swaged headtube or a straight headtube with a reducer top bearing cup.

It’s amazing how much stuff has gone this way in the past 12 months. I’ve got a 2011 Salsa El Mariachi 29er and it was straight 1 1/8" steerer. The next model, tapered.

Got a set of Ergonova Pro bars to put on my current roadie to see if I feel the love.
I know it’s not that same as the crabon bars but it’s more about shape and reach.

The only wild card in the build so far is an alternate wheelset.
Spoke to Dan from Shifter while I was in Melburn.
Have a set of Record 36H hubs, last of the current shape in this drilling.
We agreed that these laced to H+ Son TB14s in hard ano would be nice.

Was thinking HED Belgiums but they don’t come in 36H, so unless I get another hubset …

Just taken my H + Son TB14s to R45s out for the first time on the weekend built by Dan. I am really impressed with the H + Sons. Mine are in 32h though although probably not a great deal of difference. Lovely wheels.

I have 2011 sr11 with the grey details
The 3t ltd stuff matches it perfectly and the stuff is super light and great to use.
Gypsy is selling dome ltd bars and I have a ltd dorico and 3t stem if you need them

Oh and hand built wheels with out propitiatory parts for lyf.

Yep. Running TB14s laced to Phils on my road fixed. Wheelset worth twice the frameset :wink:

Another interesting piece of info I got from Ryan at Baum was that the Espresso has been retired and to be
replaced with the Cortado.

And that the rear stays on the Ristretto are stainless which they don’t mention on the website, just that they are are different shape.

Explain/Why’s this?