The Giro D'Italia!

Starts tomorrow!
Who are you guys putting your money on? I’d like to see Sky do well, and of course Mr Personality Cadel. He’s looking pretty good.
The 12th of may (4th stage) has a 32.5km team time trial, this is the one I’m hanging out to watch.
Anyone else excited?
(also, it’s fixed gear related because someone in the crowd will have a fixed gear).

yeh, I have a fixed gear and i’m excited about the giro.

despite his PR and personality issues, I’d like Cadel to do well, with big George working for him it could work out ok.

don’t forget this year is the 50th cima coppi stage!!!
is sbs playing the races ???

fucking gravel roads, epic 20% climbs, cobbles, a final day ITT… this year’s giro is going to rule so hard.

SBS is playing highlights, apparently.

i never thought i’d say this… but… here goes… GO CADEL!


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Hincapie in Tour of California.
I looked in the paper and it seems SBS are starting coverage with stage 2??? Or am i just suffering some over excited cycling related blindness.
I’m looking forward to Stage 16 - Plan de Corones - mountain TT with gravel.
Also, I’d like Cadel to win or at least to win a stage (or even 2)

see, i used to hate cadel, but since the worlds - or even during the world - he somehow turned into a different rider. you know, one who actually attacks. and that’s kinda rad.

yeh but his voice is still enough to drive you nuts. Give me mick rogers any day.

+1 for mick rogers

yeh, I’m coming around to Cadel, particularly after reading that Rupert Guinness book on Aussies in the tour. I’m gonna back the little whinger. Bring it on: with the gravel and dirt, he’ll be in his element (at least for those bits)

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Bradley wiggins wins opening time trial!

I agree, I got so sick of him never attacking the climbs during previous Tours de France, it was obvious that he wasn’t going to win overall. It seems that the riders who win these big stage races are able to back up their wins with massive attacks in the mountains and dominate. It’s been a while since I’ve seen him attack the way he did in Fleche Wallonne, perhaps Cadel really has changed, and might actually be a contender this year.

That win in the Worlds seems to have done wonders for his image and how he’s perceived back here in Austraya. I’d definitely be stoked to see him win. Checked out the odds at Sportingbet, and he’s a $2.40 favourite, followed by Basso at $5 and Sastre at $6. Thought that might be a bit short, but threw a tenner on anyway.

Go you good thing.

hey davey, how’s your baby?

Cadel does seem to be a different man since winning worlds. It was getting to the point where he was never able to hang on to the big names and could only take part in break aways destined to fail. But he now seems so much more aggresice and confident, a real threat to others.

I still don’t like him though, Im jumping on the Wiggins band wagon, see if he has improved his climbing any more since last years Tour.

Hahaha, “personality issues” is one of the harshest politically correct insults I’ve ever heard.

I’ve said it on this forum before, and I’ll say it again. GO CADEL!

were you in a coma during the 2008 tour? underground?

that was his problem. he could hang on, but wouldn’t attack. now he seems to have overcome that. seems…

I just had a look at the results from stage 1, it’s great to see that Cadel placed 3rd in the opening stage, but possibly even more awesome that Sky rider, Tasmanian Richie Porte placed 6th, a mere 5 seconds off the lead!

True, and Im not saying he isn’t one of the best cyclists in the world. But last season he seemed to not handle the pressure, and never seemed much of a threat.