The Hour Record

How far can a forum poster travel on a bumpy, windblown, outdoor velodrome in just one hour?

This is the question we would like to answer, perhaps Sunday week 29th October at the brunswick velodrome?

Ed did 49 something kilometres, and some guy on a penny farthing did almost 27km.

How about a little barbeque, unserious hour attempt and beer - if the weather is ok? Any takers?

I’d be there, but I’ll be carving big sweeping turns on the murray.

Water Skiing season is starting.

Sic 8)

In 2005 Ondřej Sosenka improved Boardman’s performance at 49.700 km (30.882 mi) using a 54x13

Thats 112 inches!!! Big 190 mm cranks!!!

bogan (meaning I’m jealous)

How about a fixed pedal boat on the Murray?

You’d have to pedal pretty fast too pull my fat arse outta the water!! :wink:

Did anyone ever see that myth busters where they got the Canadian National Rowing Eight to pull a water skier on.
Very solid piece of work by those eight blokes!!!

I’m in for the hour record, just about to see if I can redistribute some stat clickers to records laps. Anyone know big the track is?

I can also rustle up a mini camping bbq/cooker for food. I’ve got no esky though…

333 metres.

+1/3 metre (it adds up…)

Or just put a computer on the bike.

Don’t spoil our fun!

…so you can forum post and ride

what time will this kick off?

Roughly a week after someone organises it… It could be a good day to combine with the birthday, but I think we need a test run first so we have some times to beat the next time around.

How about this Sunday, 12:00? Or maybe 11:00, so that we finish riding at 12:00, aka beer’o’clock.

Sounds like a plan, lock me in. So who else is coming along?

As long as I’m not still out from Sat night - I’ll give it a crack.

I assume it is going to be more like a ‘team’ hour record? Just put Tristan on the front for the first 50 minutes…50km should be easy…
or how about a beer every 10 minutes for the hour…

maybe a madison beer sling penalty for drafting tristan… or pete :wink:

Team pursuit hour?

So when are we going to do this?

I’m keen, but am hoping it won’t be on this weekend, as I’m not in Melbourne.

We could do it on Mini bikes??

1st attempt is this weekend (29th) as long as the weather is ok, but we’ll do it again for PB’s REPs and SETs.

I’m in so long as i get a cast that gives my right hand a bit of movement this arvo. otherwise i’ll be in the country getting sponge baths from my step dad :frowning: say a prayer… PLEASE

10:30am - 1st Attempt :slight_smile:

See you there!