The Kickstarter Thread

Instead of sitting down with a newspaper on Sunday mornings, i jump online and check out the latest and greatest Kickstarter has to offer. There is some really great stuff out there. I backed the pen project last year and am really pleased with the result.

The Pen Project by Ian Schon — Kickstarter

I am not sure if there are other people who do the same, but I just thought it would be a good idea for people to throw up some links to some of the kickstarter projects that they are interested in. There are plenty of bike projects out there to keep you busy browsing for a few hours.

I will start:

This Stool Rocks by James McBennett — Kickstarter <-- this one is interesting as the guy is providing his CNC files for free. I am keen to test this out, so if anyone has access to a CNC machine, hollah!

I chipped in for this project:

RYOKOU/JOURNEY: SHANE PERKINS DOCUMENTARY by Joshua Capelin, Matty Roberts and Davros El Davros

because Josh is a pretty rad (and talented) dude and the doco looks great.

I kicked in for the one below because I’ve been reading his work for a while now.

Roads Were Not Built For Cars book & Kindle & iPad versions by Carlton Reid — Kickstarter

This was on Bikesnob a while ago. 4 days to go.
I think I’m going to get one.
Anyone from Canberra want to go halves with me in getting the pair?

Bit like this
Fix It Sticks-Fantastically Unique Bicycle Multitool by Brian Davis — Kickstarter

Also, you realise the pair is more than 3x the price of the single?

Also, kinda wish I’d gotten in on this for the kone brewing system.

KONE Coffee Filter + Brewing System by Keith Gehrke — Kickstarter

Yeh, I saw those

The pair are ‘premium edition’.
A single premium edition is £60+6
The pair are £110+6

am i the only person who thinks multi tools are a complete waste of money? i carry 3mm, 4mm and 5mm full size allen keys stuck together with some electrical tape

TiN coating is meh, engraving… whatever.

i don’t bring anything.

I have a really rad leatherman carabiner which is the only thing that is stopping me from backing this.

BAUHAUS: Titanium Keychain / Key Carabiner by THANASIT (SUNNY) INKAVESVAANIT — Kickstarter

KONE Coffee Filter + Brewing System by Keith Gehrke — Kickstarter
Yeah I wish I got up on this as well Blakey!

Whats that thing pourover thing that you are using now (as seen on your instagram - no not the kittens, the coffee thing).

Same… fortune favours the brave!

Murphy and his law hate me. I could carry tubes, pump and tools and not need them for 12-18 months, then as soon as I ride without them I’ll need them all.

Prototype single cup pourover cone made by a friend. V2.0.

I have the opposite, got one of these the other day:

It has everything, knife, bottle opener, disc wedge, 8 & 10mm spanners, spoke keys built into the chain breaker etc etc - though mates use it more than me. On the plus side it weighs less than my old multi tool.

So what’s the go with this kick starter program
I have a project i have been working on for over a year.
I have working prototypes and a shitty web site but funding and red tape is holding me back,

kickstarter is no good for aussies atm

there are other options though, this mob allows aussies

Pozible | Crowdfunding Creativity

Why do you say it is no good for Aussies?

A bakery in Canberra ran a successful campaign.

Russell is a sweet guy and a rad bmxer! Cool little joint.