The kids thread.

Make with the funny kiddy stories.
Not necessarily bike related.
Kids are rad, wish i’d started earlier.
Seems there are more and more fathers/ parents on here each day.
My kids and bikes really consume most of my day…

OK cop this, my two and half year old boy comes into the lounge room the other week whistling through his nose, interesting! Looks like he has a large green booger hanging out and the air going past it when he breaths is making a whistling noise. On closer inspection it seems he has stuffed an small hollow beed (for a heat press shape sort of thing) up his nose! I remove it and inspect to make sure there are no more… there is.

I manages to get two beads out of EACH nostril with tweezers, then go for the head lamp to see one more in each nostril!! Needless to say they were right up there and I was not confident in removing them safely with sharp tweezers on a squirming two year old who clearly would rather leave them in there. So off to hospital where the guys tell me they do this sort of bead removal on nearly a daily basis! GREAT FUN! On the plus side after having gone through the whole cancer thing with my boy it was really nice to be in hospital for a normal kids ER visit. YES 6 BEADS, Good luck dads…

my son has his own blog…check it!
he’s a great drawer!!

I’ll be getting a new kid in about 2 weeks. Will update with lolz at a later date.

I had a helper yesterday:

You got fenders and rack mounts for him/her ordered from velo-orange yet :stuck_out_tongue:

I looked after my nieces on Tuesday, they just sat there and watched episodes and episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Looking after kids is easy.

Every day my kids crack me up. One of my boys is obsessed with Paris, the other with Blue Whales. My daughter has about 100 ways to say “no” depending on the situation.

These are my twin sons with their own cycling caps (pic is a few years old, they’re 7 next week):

My daughter has soul/passion:

Was wondering if you were a pop yet. Ahhhh the waiting game begins…

So when you getting them on tarck bikes?

I’ve got 2 boys who drive me insane. How is it someone you love so much can give you so many headaches?

My eldest is almost 13 and has the attitude of a 15/16 year old.
The youngest (10) is a cricket obsessed mad man, with an innate skill at ball handling. Recently taught himself to juggle, and (as of the w/end) has an acoustic guitar , which he plans to launch his singing career with.He tells me he is going to play cricket for Australia, and sometimes I believe him.

The Eldest has always been an outgoing character, with a full blown geeky/quirky side. Not a sportsman at all.
When he was very young , a chance meeting and a lot of confident legwork from him led to 2 TV appearances, and some paid radio ads afterwards. My wife and I cautiously facilitated his early and brief rise to stardom with trepidation. Since then he has found his niche in a local theatre group and performed in many productions as a junior and also Christmas Panto cast member.Currently he is doing a Public school(1st yr ) ignite program(accelerated learning) for kids that is flexing me when it comes to homework assisitance.

A couple of links to his younger years,

6yr old Caleb on Rove - YouTube

Caleb and Rove Open Inspection - YouTube

And as for stuffing things up the nose, Caleb came home from school when very young with an unpopped corn Kernel inserted well up his nose. Seems that they were making pop corn at school and he thought it might be nice to shove it up his beak. Came out(thankfully) before the GLW got him to the doctor.

my 2 3/4 year old daughter Ava, and my 3/4 year old boy Jonas.

Here is soon to be 3yo Matilda. Get to work as early as possible!

Man, being a dad has to be the greatest thing ever. My little girl turned two on the weekend, and I’ve got another one due in a week or two.

Audrey makes me laugh every single day. Here she is this morning on the drum kit…


Almost 1, just started a few slow rides with her in the baby seat…her helmet* is too big and usually falls down over her eyes.


*Thanks Rooster!

FOA KOTY without a doubt

First day I got Miss Ant on a bike was the greatest, hope she is enjoying it Lyndon.

Got this footage when my parents came for a visit, her latest trick is hiding things in plain sight:


This is too good.

Dave’s child is, and i say this without hyperbole, the greatest child ever created.

Which sucks because, if i ever have one, they won’t be as cool as Audrey.

This is my girl, she’s two and a half.