The kids thread.

^ Hey, we already have adog thread!

…or that’s a really ugly baby.

Little’un number two arrived on Tuesday morn. She’s pretty cool, and I’m pretty stoked. I especially love how newborns have this old age quality, in that in some weird way they kind of resemble frail old men.

Sleepless nights ahoy!

Congrats Beaker!
Watch this space…

^ You must be very close?

Watch this space…

Nice one Beaker.

HM, full term now right? … oh the waiting game… Hope Ms HM isn’t doing it too tough.

Here’s a shot my little guy with mum and one of our chooks:

Congrats Beaker!

Seeing as I’ve never met you, I just have images of you holding a baby Beaker…

my youngest learnt to ride at easter holidays and we ride every 2nd day or so. she even gets me to time her racing down the street and back. she beats her time everytime, so cool. proud dad when i ride with her.

I see the little tackers rolling around on the tiny Brunswick CC BT-stickered track bikes at HSV. I’m like, thats so rad! Can’t wait for my boy to be spinning around the apron too. But shouldn’t get ahead of myself as its still a little way off, he got to learn to crawl first.

'grats beaker!

That’s ace Beaker, congrats. Mrs Ant is due in November with #2. Got an SOS today though as she has been hit with gastro. Going to be a long night I think.

Nice photo.
Congrats beaker.

yesssssssss another mini beaker!!

congrats dude, great news.

hope Bec is doing well mate.

Congrats Dan! Hope Mrs Ant is feeling better.

Ari William was born at 6.45 on Thursday. 8 pounds 11 ounces, a big’un.
Everyone is doing great, and he’s a little ripper.

Congrats Jono!

Shit yeah! Congratulations!

Congrats HM!

this big?? hahaha

but seriously, congrats mate, great news!!

Congratulations man!

Best wishes to you and your family.