whats up whats up. i am mega angry :x becase i was riding at walking pace on footpath with a mate who was walking and got fined for being on path with bike and not having a light on. got stitched up for something that was absolutely pathetic. no signs and pigs fine me. i didn’t know you couldn’t ride on footpath at 10 @ night. whats the best excuse to get out of the fine? :?

Don’t pay it I’ve got heaps of fines, they will eventually send a warrant from the sheriff but that doesn’t mean anything.

How much is it? $50? I don’t think they’ll bother following it up.

Were you at the time, under 12 years old, supervising a sub-12 year old, working as a postie or possessed of a disability that prevents you riding on the road?

If one or more of the above doesn’t apply, you’ll have to cop it sweet.


Sure, they won’t just start adding additional penalties, fees and charges, warrants to arrest, seisure etc. and then pick you as an easy target because they know your address and you don’t have an extensive criminal history with a tendancy towards violence like lots of their cases.

cheers. will probs jsut take it on the chin and keep on going but its got to be the gayest rule around ey.

btw. when riding with out helmets. how often do people get picked up? i left mine at a mates and have to go get it but dunno if its worth riding through city with out helmet an so on. in suburbs it sucks but dunno bout city

dude just chuck on a helmet or are you trying to up your post count with pointless questions?

Keep saying gayest and ill ban you.

Oh yeah and you haven’t been allowed to ride on the footpath for like 50 years now. Do you know about red lights?

that made me chuckle :slight_smile:

honestly just getting up the post count. and yeh i didn’t know about the footpath thing but i do now. peace

NJS walking on the footpath is legal though for future reference.

also, cops tend to run with whatever attitude you present when first confronted: ie, if youre an arsehole, you’re getting a fine. if you’re conciliatory and apologetic you should be alright.

just sayin’.

woo! yeah man! show the law who’s boss! that fag!

Well me and prolly II were nice to the cops. Chatted for a good 30mins about bikes the law etc. Still got 2 x $100 EACH for running to red lights. :cry: Anyways, after handing us the fines the hot topic was why we didnt have brakes?! They didnt give a rats ass about us not having them, they were just amused and interested. Sometimes they are just out to make a point. And at the end of the day i guess i am abit more cautious when smashing it through the city. Safety meh, more so becuase i cant afford to pay for their whole christmas staff partay.

Oh and in regards to the footpath. Come to QLD, if you wanna ride on the footpath its legal here :slight_smile:

if i missed the sarcasm in there i apologise, but if you get a warrant from the sherrif, i doesnt just go away, i will turn into a warrant to arrest, which means, one day, now or in 5 years time, when a cop runs your name into the system for any reason, you will be arrested on the spot, and most likely be held until you case is heard in court.

You are right, they wont follow it up, but the chances of never running into a cop, or having you license/ name entered into a police computer for the rest of you life is pretty slim. :slight_smile:

im no law expert, but ive been down this road too many times :frowning:

You don’t want to get zinged at the last stage of a job application by a police check. But it sounds like that’s not much of a concern rite now ey. \m/ :evil:\m/ woo

Actually I’d go talk to your local legal aid office. Because I thought you only got zinged for no lights if you’re on the road. You’ve got a witness to the cop dishing out dodgy fines too. Talk to your mate, get some legal advice (to my knowlege we don’t have any tame lawyers floating around here, only :-o lurking cops … ) … and post counts are hidden these days :wink:

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+1. ban the fucking homophobe.

I have two friends that can confirm fines dont go away.
One got his car wheel locked for various parking, speeding and other scally wag fines. Made to cough it all up THEN pay an amount to get the wheel lock off.

Another had never paid a fine in his life and had the sheriff at his house, court dates missed, threats of jail time, and now he has 100 hours of community service to complete to pay off his debts.

and +2 for banning, or at least editing this thread to a something like ‘the law is f$#ked!!!’

This thread is now about apples.