The n+10 list

Started this on bikesmoveus after sharing my Softride but thought I’d share with you FOAers.

Here’s my list of bikes I’d like to have in the collection (or the n+10 list)

  1. Kestral 200EMS from the late 80s. Mmmmm in white
  2. Giant MCR
  3. Lotus Sport 110
  4. Corima Puma (swap you for a Cougar)
  5. Slingshot roadbike
  6. BT Superbike (not one of the alloy jobbies)
  7. Look KG86
  8. Trek Y-Foil (not that high up the list)
  9. 1994 Pinarello Espada (I’m dreamin’)
  10. Zipp 3001

Ten Cells

my list changes all the time. i buy some of the bikes on my list and then i see something else.
a cinelli sc, and a bianchi x4 are two that i’m keeping an eye out for. wouldn’t mind building a buckler colnago and a pdm concorde, but meh, that’s this week.

Mmmmm … PDM Concorde. Always wanted a Team Z Lemond, even with some Scott Drop-Ins


I was actually able to get one of my n+10’s when the Gazelle came up. The others (nothing by Trek) change a lot. I would like a Koga Miyata Team Track though.

a kumo is on my list.

A parlee z zero or similar
A Mxl leader team telecom
Bt super bike
Llewellyn rando
That’s about it really

10 cinelli lasers

Kona Ute to do the shopping on (!)
foofy porteur for carrying footies
nice carbon hardtail
some sort of ridiculous custom TT bike - Laser-style brazed frame, lo-pro, disc and sweet tri-spoke, the lot
a Paris Galibier
period-correct '80s Bianchi or Colnago Master
some sort of Moots, just cause of sexy matte ti finish
custom steel roadie, something in blue

…that’d do, to be honest. Swap the last two in the allowance for some room to keep them all in.

do three of the same bike but in different colours still count as one?
new nago master (have three, is happy)
nago c59. (has 1 is happy.)
Nago c59 track. apparently if i ask enough they will make me one. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
nago dream mapei
nago c50 in amit or pr00
that moots arctic bike. i would fill the kero tank with beer. ride the shit out of it taking photos of cool things and eating/drinking my beer.
kumo is also on my list. S&S, SS/Geared, tyre clearance, racing geo.
GT Xizang.
GT Vengeance
Cinelli laser

Richard Sachs CX - old or new paint
This Hufnagel CX.
A Sizemore foofy porteur like this or this or this Sizemore.
Kenevans or Brian Hayes Euro roadie.
Some ridiculous pursuit bike set up with gears and risers. Like this.
This Landshark.
Custom NJS track frame drilled for brakes with brake cable guides and water bottle braze ons. Probably a Samson to match my track.
Japanese steel road bike like a Nagasawa or 3rensho or Panasonic.
All original Bridgestone XO-1.

Tentative: Mudfoot Stinner CX.

Already have a custom steel roadie, so that’s one. Just an upgrade to DA9000, thanks.
I’d get a custom exact replica of my KHS commuter (Kumo, natch), with these changes: lighter tubing, and clearance for 28mm tyres with guards. Oh, and super record EPS, cos why not, it’s fantasy time, right?
Probably some dumb custom steel hardtail MTB, with that dumb SRAM 1x11 setup.
Lightweight fatbiek.
Electric-assist Bullitt.

Apart from 10 cells there is some other stuff that would be ok I guess

Im pretty happy with the merckx, the masi 3v and the bullitt, could easily include them in the 10. Having all three rideable at one time would be nice too Since its the n+10:

1 A Rock lobster CX, hell, ANY Rock lobster
2 A New Ken with EPS, or a new Kumo?
3 Skyway 24”
4 Somec with a shitload of panto. Promax or something made with colombus ms
5 Some insane looking 3 rensho “pursuit thingy” with DA10 and weird one-off custom nitto shit
6 Badass SS 29” stumpjumper monstercross
7 Old school cinelli track with serious drillium problem
8 Really old school balloon cruiser with springer fork, western flyer or schwinn or something. Has to look really shitty but ride really good
9 My gold raleigh BMX from when I was a kid.
10 A Hoverbike

  1. Fat bike
  2. Reynolds 953 S/Steel roadie
  3. titanium roadie
  4. Zipp 2/3000
  5. Late 80s/early 90s Lugged steel Gios in blue
  6. Fluro two tone roadie 80s
  7. BT trackbike
  8. English cycles steel aero bike
  9. 36er
  10. Unicycle

+10 would necessiate a -10 first.

Here’s the 5min top of my head list.

Scandium Sadoff or a steel Rosko CX
alu Primus Mootry track
CF Argonaut or steel HampCo road
English, whatever he wants to build, but not a Righty.
Jack Taylor rough stuff
French constructeur tandem / S&S Di2 disc modern tandem
Ti Mosaic / Eriksen / Moots

Hmm, add a Bullit,a squishy bike & that crazy Special Ed e-bike to round out the ten.

Don’t really want for any of them though.

Damn, for got that, possibly the 36er needs to go, and also propably need a new road with Super Record EPS…

Can we make it n+11?

  1. 1988 Cannondale Black Lightning
  2. 2000 CAAD4 Cannondale Saeco team replica (with 25th Anniversary Dura Ace )
  3. Litespeed Archon Ti
  4. Moots Zirkel
  5. Late 80’s Klein Pinnacle
  6. 1983 Hutch Pro Star
  7. 1984 Hutch Trick Star
  8. 1983 GT Pro
  9. 1988 S&M Mad Dog
  10. Late 90’s early 00’s Cannondale BMX (as shown…apparently only 5 ever made)

2nd that, all versions of course

also add a 1979 bici corta
the yamaguchi asymetric track
Jones Cycles Ti rigid trail bike
some kind of custom job from fairwheel

Tough. Too many dream bikes! Keeping it somewhat realistic in no particular order:

Black Lightning superbe pro.
Kumo steel track silly aero tubes faux pursuit 700c. Or a Bishop.
Late 80s 'nago Master Pista panasonic team colours.
Somec full C-rec.
Landshark anything.
Serotta roadie ally.
Vintage NJS with old Superbe.
Silly Italian pursuit with the curvy tubes.
Raleigh BMX with tuffs.
Inglehart CX