The Podcast Thread.

Okay, I need more podcasts. My current set gets me through till about Wednesday afternoon.

Weekly rotation currently includes:

This American Life

99% Invisible

The Majority Report

Dan Carlin

Philosophy Bites

The Moth


Here’s the Thing

Left, Right and Centre

Big Ideas

And Monocle 24.

What else should I be listening to?

When me and Brendan start ours, you should listen to it.

you look nice today (back from hiatus!)
planet money
freakonomics radio is sometimes good
all songs considered
savage love
wjcu’s outspoken cyclist.
in our time with melvyn bragg

and big +1’s to TAL, radiolab & the moth.

oh yeah - I forgot freakenomics and planet money! so good.

I’ve been hoping that would happen.

my prediction is that it will be good for a couple of weeks then will descend into discussions of HMC’s mancrushes/epic race battles and brendan reminiscing about late 90s post-punk hardcore bands.

i will still listen intently and later will likely invent a drinking* game to accompany it (everyone drinks when james mentions how good slayer/bane is, someone random drinks when fugazi is mentioned plus more ill have to think about).

*drinks may be non-alcoholic but in that case must be sugary to enforce a ‘sugar high’ penalty for the non-drinker.

I don’t know - I think it’s got legs, they’ve got some big races / tours coming up over the next few months which will give them plenty to talk about - Throw in a few interviews here and there and you’ve got yourself a show.

If xbbx ever leaves the podcast to pursue other ventures, I’m sure I could take over the late-90’s post-punk hardcore band side of things.

hollywood babble-on
box cutters
i love green guide letters
can you take this phot please
walking the room

I don’t know about all this talking guff, but there is one podcast I click the subscribe button for.

Solid Steel Radio Show.

Dan Carlin is awesome - 4 hour long podcasts on History - Epic battles for your Epic rides.

Tiesto’s club life is the best ever, followed by trance around the world with Above & Beyond.

Tiesto Club Life – amazing trance radio show.

Trance Around The World with Above & Beyond playlists and archives

I know right!? - He’s pretty good at explaining things in a modern context too - like comparing The Vandals with modern day bikie gangs and stuff. - His ‘Common Sense’ podcasts are pretty good too - often takes a refreshingly big-picture view of politics.

Thread dig.

So I came across this yesterday as I need to start filling up the ipod for good podcasts for long roadtrips ahead. I listened to my first ‘This American Life’ podcast today - powerful stuff. A story of an inmate struggling with Californias bail system and another about a father / son life lesson. Do yourself a favour and download it.

Now - because I was so impressed with that episode, I went to download a whole lot more. They make the episodes available for only a week, then if you miss it and want to listen to it you have to pay 0.99 per podcast which I am not prepared to do just yet. Has anyone found a podcast like this that I can try out?

I will be giving the other recommended podcasts a whirl.

10 minutes into the Joe Rogan experience, and I don’t think I am a fan - talking about dildo’s etc.

Grab the TAL iphone app if you’ll have data, as it allows on demand streaming of all episodes.

I’ve finally got used to Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, found him a bit full on at first, but it’s actually pretty hilarious. especially this Danny McBride episode: Episode 280 - Danny McBride — WTF with Marc Maron Podcast

Also, the Nerdist has a pretty similar format (interviewing comedians) and is worth a listen I reckon: Nerdist Podcast « Nerdist

Also, almost forgot! - The Velocast! - best TDF podcast ever. Two Scotish dudes being equally hilarious and insightful- well worth the $15 or whatever it is. velocast cc - Shows

as well as most of the podcasts on chaz’s first list, I’ve been enjoying:
-Stuff You Should Know
-Useless Information Podcast
-The Math Factor

This American Life—of course

Planet Money—I now understand what credit default swaps are and why Greece is fucked.

RadioLab—fucking sick! like a cross between Feakanomics and This American Life.

Freakanomics —Has its moments

Realtime with Bill Maher

WTF with Marc Maron—Great interviews with comedians and actors, deep.

The Long Shot Podcast —Eddie Peppitone. Those who know know.

Harmontown—With Dan Harmon (Ex-Showrunner of Community)

Stuff You Should Know—pretty good.

How Did This Get Made—Dude from Childrens Hospital on Adult Swim, Dude from The League and some chick. discuss really bad movies.

Took me ages to warm to Marc Maron. I actually listen to his monologue at the beginning now rather than skip to the interview.

I dont mind The Nerdist, but they get a little fanboyish sometimes. They get killer guests though. Will Ferrel, John Krisfolusi.