The Podcast Thread.

“gareth jones on speed”.
cars. englishmen.
comical skits. tech. opinion.

“promotional malpractice”.
ufc dissected.

Thought I’d give this a bit of a bump as I’m struggling to find some good podcasts.

Recently polished off “You Must Remember This” a great podcast about early Hollywood scandals, the 12 part Manson’s Hollywood is a superb listen.

Anyone been listening to anything they’d recommend?

Stuff you should know
Planet money
Song exploder
J files
The west wing weekly. Hosted by the guy from Song exploder and Josh Malina from the west wing. Episode by episode review of Aaron Sorkin’s The West Wing.

“spikes car radio” if you can get thru spike’s occasional arrogance, and you like porsches and jerry seinfeld.
“99% invisible” for short shows on interesting stuff you might have never heard about.

Jocko Podcast w/ former Navy Seal Jocko Willink
The MFCEO Project w/ self made supplement squillionaire Andy Frisella

Both are straight shooting, no nonsense practical life lessons and are a great dose of ‘get your shit together’ motivation that I need at this point in my life

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Richard Herrings latest episode just dropped, interview with Brian Blessed.
That guy is seriously a national treasure, so many hilarious stories.
Especially when he talks about grabbing gorillas by the bollocks and having wires attached to his.

Only midway through, dude climbed Everest so I’m pretty keen to get to those stories.

Any good podcasts at the moment?

Yeah, if you’re into film
“The Movies That Made Me”
Hosted by the director Joe Dante and a screenwriter named Josh Olson. They inter gusts about their fave films. My to see list is getting pretty long because of it.

“Chapo Trap House”
If your a socialist and into American politics
This one is great. They are fucking hilarious too.

“Behind The Bastards”
Podcast about shitty people.
The Jeffery Epstein ep is notable is is the Kim Jong In one

“The Dollop”
Comedian Dave Anthony, tells a story from American history to his Friend (comedian Gareth Reynolds) who has no idea what it’s about. They have done a bunch of live shows in Australia, where the topic will be local. They are nearly always ridiculous.
It’s a funny podcast.

“Your Kickstarter Sucks”
Two dudes review shitty Kickstarter projects.

It’s what I been listening too lately

This is a long shot, but do any of you listen to The Filmdrunk Frotcast?

Never been a podcast guy, but getting into one called DungeonPunx. Basically four or five middle aged nerds who like tabletop games and metal/hardcore. Sounds awful but its fun. I bought their tee shirt.

did gene put you onto this? sounds like his jam.

nah not at all, but I reckon he would defo like

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I highly recommended ‘13 Minutes To The Moon’ - focuses on the 13 minutes between the Apollo 11 Lunar Module detaching from the Command Module and Landing on the Moon. Fascinating.

you bloody love a bit of space chat.


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Good podcast tho Chaz, I binged it in two hits whilst making kimchi a few weekends ago.


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