The Raleigh

This is my Raleigh Ive been riding for a few months. Nothing overly special, main highlight is the paint job that cost me about $10 using Aussie export paint. It runs nice and smoothly and is plenty of fun. Ive recently changed to 44-18 which is probably a bit too low for me, but Im having fun with the easiness of skidding. Don’t think my tyres are though! If you have any questions just ask, heres a picture:

Looks like the rosellas that descend on the big gum tree in my front yard.

Are you colour blind?

Nice ride: F L U R O !

Is that a silver shiny lid, or can I see some Evel Knievel white stars on blue, and red stripes? :-o


Wow that’s harsh. Are you saying your bike is prettier Stuart? :wink:

[quote=PiledHigher ]

Ha ha!
Reminds me of this…

I don’t mind if people don’t like it, obviously not going to be everyone’s cup of tea when slapped with bright colours. I happen to think it looks good, and so do lots of other people*

As for my helmet, it is covered in about 200 different bike related stickers, a never ending project.

*Mainly 10 year old girls :oops: But still, I like it


i saw this at the melburn-roobaix start.
nothing more to say :slight_smile:

Yep I was there taking pictures for a media project. Good fun, shame about the weather towards the end.

I love it, it’s a great expression of “I’ll do what I want to do and what makes me smile”
It’s a Raleigh too :mrgreen:

i think its f$%king rad :slight_smile:
especailly the ring bolts and chain… and the seat… and the other bits. did you just spray the wheels whole? i reckon theyd be extra sweet rollin’

is this bike a friend of selig?

Hmm not sure what selig is? :?

The wheels were pretty simple, sprayed the rims when they were complete at the time, just sanded them then primed, gave a lot of coats of pink, then a few clearcoats. Then I painted the spokes with a brush so as not to get any paint on the hubs.

Im thinking of changing out the seat and maybe changing the bars to bullhorns (pink of course :-P) but I have to finish my track bike which is very near completion! And don’t worry because that is painted red and white and slightly more bearable for most peoples eyes.

Red and white you say?

I wonder if the new owner of that thing knew at the time of bidding that it’s just a road frame and not a proper track frame :?

Gee that thing is uglier than mine! :lol: My next bike is a track frame that is Red, white and some attempts at silver, I did a mock up on Pedal Mafia and it came out rubbish, but I have confidence it will all come together in real life. Ill get some pics soon.

Congrats you made bike snob NYC

That’s awesome- you’re on BSNYC!
Doesn’t matter what he says about the bike, you’re famous now :mrgreen:

a new competition? that would be fun