The running thread

Been running with Xena the German Shepherd. She is actually quite lazy so it means I stay to a good pace and don’t go out too hard and get tired. Did 6km the other day which is pretty far for me. Was great. Dog loves that shit.

I have a standard poodle now who likes a run. The issue is running with a bag of dog poo is not pleasant and interrupts the flow!

yes the is very true actually! I tend to do a loop and stash it somewhere. failing that, try and get her to do it before we leave. but it is a pain

I am nursing an injury now. Last week after my morning wednesday run I developed a pain in my right calf muscle. Really tight sort of pain, so I didn’t run on the weekend - Ran this morning and had to stop 1.4km in as I could feel the pain coming back. Now it is a dull ache. GOOD TIMES!

Ah spewing! I was going to see if you were in for Parkrun this week. Hope you’re on the mend!

I might give it a go, I have been doing my exercises that the physio gave me.

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Lock down has finally brought the running sensations, after 170 consecutive running days things are back to clicking. Two and a bit years of injury reduced running takes time to reverse.

boy oh boy wowee! Nice one. I’ve decided running isn’t really for me, occasional romps with the German Shep notwithstanding.

I went and got fitted for new runners on friday at a shop with treadmills and video analysis etc. They only seemed to have maximalist style runners, and I’ve been running in Nike’s which I wore out and Merrell semi barefoot style vibrams (which I liked), which have been giving me sore soles recently, so I thought I’d try something with some more cushioning, and a little heel to toe drop, as apparently that helps over longer distances. Ended up with a pair of Hola One One’s which felt good on the treadmill, and wore them out for the first time today, and think I may have wasted $240. I’ll give them a few weeks, but might go back to the Merrell’s.

I’m boring shoe wise I’m on my 22nd pair of Nike Air Pegasus, cushioned with minimal control.

For racing I go with Asic gel DS racer (6 pairs) but am interested to try the Nike Vaporflys for my next racer.

Yeah, if you find something which works I would stick with it as well.
I don’t know much about shoes or running, so was looking to see if there were any improvements to be had. Maybe not!

i’ve had 3 pairs of asics gel kayanos over the last few years, primarily coz workin in hospo with a bung knee.

they seem to wear out kinda quick though, which isn’t great coz they’re not cheap!

are they actually any good or am i getting suckered coz they make em in all black?? hahaha

They’re what I use Roly, fit my feet and handle my dodgy knee pretty well.

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Ran a half marathon in these shoes on the weekend. I think they’re finally worn out now though, not much bounce left. Turned out I liked them?

Apparently you’re supposed to have multiple different shoe types and rotate through them.

Anyway, 10 years ago a 23km run would have been out of reach in so many ways, so it’s been a good project

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wow, talk about timing.

my wife has set herself a goal of running a full marathon next year, roping me into it in the process.

weve signed up for a 12km city to surf in august and plan to slowly work our way up.

weve got a few runner friends who have given us links and tips, all those couch to marathon style plans.

But if anyone has any personal advice from their own experience, id love to hear it!


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My tips are

  • get in the gym, and work on legs and core strength to reduce fatigue/injury
  • work out your food/water intake requirements and how that can be done while running at race pace
  • run the full distance sometime before the race (weeks before, not days before), so mentally you know it’s feasible, and what it will feel like at the end

The second is a tip i would give myself , the others I did put into practice

Get a ~3 month program for each event and try to stick to it. Be patient and build up gradually. Even if you feel like you can run further/go faster, just stick to the program.

Don’t run every day, recovery days are just as important as running days. Exercise is really just damaging your muscles so they repair stronger than they were, so give your body time to repair.

12k is a good starting point. If you can do 10k without wrecking yourself, you should be good for 12k on the day.

Taper week is awesome, but doesn’t work for everyone. Unfortunately there’s only one way to find out.

Think about race day nutrition and use that on your training runs. You don’t want to get half way through an event and realise the gels you just inhaled don’t agree with you.

Good luck and keep us updated on progress.

thanks lads, ill start thinking about nutrition when we start actually running running.

@LAM at the start of the year ive been doing basic compound movements in the shed, just the usual squats/deadlifts/bench. have been feeling good, will continue this.

@P_N20 yep, we’ve currently started a 12 wk program, 2 runs into the first week. Basically starts off with 1min run, 1min.30 walk, on and off for 20 mins. We end up just a little under 3kms by the end. nice and easy.

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This is the program my wife and i are following, on to week 2 this weekend.

Im either cycling or doing weights on the alternate days.


Sounds like you’ll be fine. There’s some decent videos on YouTube on the global triathlon network channel that cover some of the things to think about in terms of pace etc.

I first did the couch to 5k about 4 years ago, and found the earlier weeks are the hardest, building up the running times,