The Scotch/Whiskey/Bourbon Thread

I’ve been getting into Jameson lately but looking to expand my range. I find during the cooler months there is nothing better than a good whiskey as a night cap.

So following on from other threads, what’s your favourite type of spirit?

I like this as a premix.

this too.

I have some of this sitting next to me

Gives me headaches
Napoleon 1875 Brandy | Dan Murphy’s | Lowest Liquor Price Guarantee!*

bit like a football boot dipped in resin

this for the occasional shot

this premixed

and this

sucks how they dropped the % from 8 to 6 haha

Always have a bottle of this in the house. So smooth.

Smokey goodness. If I was a hardened highlander like Rolly, I’d drink this a lot.


My mother-in-law always has a bottle of this at their place. It’s always a good night when the Laphroaig comes out.

Always have this in the cabenent for quafing. Great mixed with stones green ginger wine for the cold evenings.

i was given a bottle of this

i enjoyed sipping it whilst stroking my beard.

I’ve normal got a bottle or 3 of single malt on the go. At the moment


but stocks are running low as I haven’t been travelling much lately…

^Suntour whiskey- awesome! :smiley:

i second this, laphroaig is delicious.

when i’m out and i find a bar has tullamore dew i am a happy man

Laphroaig is my choice. Running dangerously low ATM

or a bit like chewin on a burnt stick!!

thanks chaz, but i much prefer lagavulin over laphroaig. just as ‘peaty’ but much, much smoother. could be the extra 6 years of ageing…
not sure what the laphroaig goes for in the shops but the lagavulin is about $90-$100 i think. got a bottle from laura’s parents for my birthday last year. still got half a bottle, it’s not an everyday scotch

yes laphroaig is awesome. i still haven’t got around to trying the lagavulin but heard good things. i’ve just finished off a bottle of this:

which is a little different from the smoky/peaty whisky i usually go for but i really enjoyed it. even the standard glenmorangie is pretty good.

give me a brown paper bag and ill just swig this…

Beat me to it!

and my safe word will be…


also if i had a spare $200 id enjoy this

i acquired a taste for it when i was 17 now i see why my dad nilly killed me when i Finished the bottle