The small joys today thread (a bit of Yang for FoA Yin of late)


Knowing I have a free stay at the Hyatt tomorrow night with the wife and get a night off from being parents.

We will eat at a french bistro then retire with a bottle of red and get an uninterupted nights sleep for the first time in a year. I am gonna sleep the hell out of that hotel bed.

Then complimentary buffet breakfast in the morning.



its day 2 of my week long jaunt in qld. sitting in the pub under the story bridge enjoying an ale.
my wife is on a plane heading to europe for 5 weeks with our 14 week fetus doing its cell divide and multiply thing.
very yin and yang right now.


I’ve been living in the desert for a month and due to food prices have been living on chick peas, potatoes and eggs. The neighbour just gave me a tray of scotch fillets ima douse those babies in worcestershire sause and sleep an even happier man.


I’m in Brisbane with bogear dave & tate checking out the BO HQ & drinkin a beer, on a long weekend I can’t really afford, just to ride fixxxies, drink some beerz & meet some dudes.

it’s good.

oh, and only Dave knew I was comin until a few days ago.


i did this recently with the wife for the first time, took us 4 years!


i remember that day. i was fucken stoked.


I walked home from the city with my wife tonight instead of her catching the bus and me riding. It took us about an hour, we shared a beer.

It was fucking rad.


My arse has broken in.

(after almost a year of on-and-off riding due to injury, a serious dose of the CBFs and way too many pies…with a few weeks now of back to regular riding the old undercarriage has been a bit ginger. Happy to report that this small torment has passed and all is finally well in the nether regions :cool:)


Discovered that the midge bars that I’ve never got around to putting on a bike are brilliant for working over tired calf muscles and ITB. Tried some other handlebars and they were kind of unwieldy…must be the flared drops :cool:.


took my daughter for a walk down to the lake this morning.
we poked things with sticks, took our shoes off and walked down the boat ramp trying to catch little fish, turned ninja when we walked into spiders webs, rolled down grassy hills, played on swings, ate watermelon, and talked a lot.
best 2 hours of my week.


TC: I can’t wait for #dadlyf

Rode past a dam in a paddock this morning in the hills. Sun was just poking out, absolutely no wind. Was like looking at a perfect mirror. Pretty blissful moment.


Took my boy for a ride in the bakfiets today. Stopped to say hi to my sister and her kids, then went a bit further. He sat in the front chatting to himself the whole time. Great sunday afternoon.


Forgot to pack undies this morning. Remembered that i packed two pairs last week, left one pair in my locker. Winner.


I found this in hard rubbish while I was walking the dog this morning.


Holy shit! was it in there?
I still have all my old Tamiya catalogs.


How good were the war dioramas? I used to spend hours flicking through my brother’s Tamiya catalogues.


Yep. Missing a few bits but pretty cool either way. There are some old catalogs in the box too.


I noticed a larger than usual bunch of commuters this morning, sunshine brings them out. Good ride in, and a tailwind. Noice.


I’m looking after a friends Vespa for the next two weeks while he is away on holidays.


Someone on our floor is fund raising for the RSPCA. Raising money for a good cause AND eating lemon meringue cupcakes…