The telly thread


The “bodies in the snow” intro to Game of Thrones was superb,
however after about 2 episodes I foulnd myself losing interest pretty quickly, although I’ll stick with it cos’ I’m no quitter.

First season of Walking Dead was pretty good, although it’s hard to like as I’ve been reading the comics since day one.


Stick with Game of Thrones. Shit gets real


I’m an 82 man myself.


Tits, murder, and a snarky dwarf: brilliant.

  • 1 for ‘Media Watch’

  • 1 for the HMC’s English classics (Black Books, Blackadder, Fawlty Towers)

I’ve heard ‘Game of Thrones’ is great.

‘Mad Men’ is fantastic (start at the very begining - possibly the best series ever made for US television).

‘True Blood’ is very enjoyable nonsense.


Arrested Development, Dead Like Me, IT Crowd, John Safran Vs God, Spaced, Weeds and for that little bit of reality Deadliest catch, Grand Designs, Ace Of Cakes.

+1 For Time Team, Breaking Bad, Firefly, Mad Men, Stargate,

-1 for True Blood, 30 Rock


SG-1 all the way. Shit gets real in seasons 8-10. Plus they actually close off the story arcs with a few movie length episodes. Don’t do Universe, not that it wasn’t good, I was hooked bad on it, the problem was they dropped it midway through the production and didn’t wrap up the story.


American Pickers!!


Breaking Bad (like everyone else). The Riches (you mighta missed it). Top Gear. Champions League Football. Gardening Australia. Hungry Beast. Rage. QI. First Australians. Immigration Nation. Food Safari. Rage. Foreign Correspondent. SBS World News. Cycling Central. Dateline. Grand Designs. Katherine Tate Show. Films on SBS. Flight of The Conchords.

Most overrated rubbish: Mad Men

Show that I can’t stand but Mrs. Spirito loves: Masterchef

Show that Mrs Spirito can’t stand but I love: Cops (something about meth heads, mullets, prostitutes that reminds me of where I grew up)


Fuck yeah!
I love it a couple of shows ago where he finds some rusty road bike but because it’s ‘fully lugged’ it’s worth $$$

Also hands down best comedy is Curb Your Enthusiasm… holy shit season 8 has just come out??

100% agreement with you there.


the wire, that mitchell and webb look, human giant, children’s hospital, boardwalk empire, mr show, important things with demetri martin,
For animation i’m a big fan of the venture brothers, metalocaplypse and archer

  • for the Wire, Sopranos, The Shield, Life, Thunderbirds (full box set), Black Books and Bernard (the Bear)

and Euro crime drama rules:

The Eagle, The Killing (Denmark)
Wallander, Unit One (Sweden)
Spiral (France (series one only))
and Inspector Montalbano (Italy)


Snuffbox was fuckin hilarious, I’ll never forget the skit where he was being really nice trying to pick up girls and then turned feral whenever they mentioned their boyfriends…


boom! CC on the money.


oh and Wilfred, not sure what the new american version is like but the original is awesome.


^ I am actually really enjoying the american version except for 1 scene that I loathed. But all in all I think it’s one of the shows the americans have taken and turned into a watchable show in it’s own right.

EDIT: excuse the late post. I finally got around to starting Game of Thrones after being reminded about it by this thread. Episode 7 here I come, should be finished before bed. So that’s a +1 from me.


+1 for Eastbound and Down.

Kenny Fucking Powers.


I reckon Home and Away has been pretty good lately.


Bought the box set before I moved to Denmark. Awesome, except possibly has the worst theme song in the history of television.
Saw the actor in Copenhagen, had a little moment.


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