The Tour thread

I assume others have been watching?
this is the first year i’ve really gotten into it. the foxtel iQ makes it so much easier to watch the last couple of hours the next morning.

i love the random commentary. 32 species of European pond terrapin. ORLY?

how do they get away with spending so much time “adjusting” the rear brakes? in such a “gentleman’s” race, I wouldn’t have thought that sort of blatant slacking off would be frowned upon.

any news on team EPO

can you imagine a Tour De Colombia

Maradonna puffing away on his bianchi getting white line fever …

… pot shots (no pun intended) from FARC during the hill climbs …

(did the guy who rode that single speed over the highest sealed road have any spiritual moments?)

Does anyone else put a record or two on while they watch Le Tour with the sound down or is it just me

… new Wagner / Das Rheingold is out btw

I’ll be in China for the last week, as I was last year - France TV5 coverage with strident chinese female commentator - almost incomprehensible. On the upside you don’t have to stay up until 2 to catch the finish.

you kidding? the commentary is the best part.

Not the first couple of hours though with the other dude.

Time to go pack my suitcase of courage.

I haven’t tuned into Eurosport yet, as SBS on tv trumps the laptop screen, is the commentary any different Chromeo?

i’m not 100% sure what this does, but someone might find it good for something?
i think it tracks the riders in real time, and provides google streetview feeds.

Drunk Cyclist spends a bit of time on this topic, always a fun read.

Did I just see ShifterDan in a Total Rush ad?


Phil and Paul need to take Matthew Keenan aside for a little tuition on how to pronounce team and rider names.

I saw the new ad for Total Rush but didn’t see Dan. There was a shot of a mechanic working on a bike but he had ink free arms. Am I missing something? The older ad which used to air with Sooty Park definately featured Dan.


those fucking volcanos, always on about the fucking volcanos

I started watching late it took a while to work out what a Puy was.

How about Cadel’s little message to the motorcyclist.

The motorcyclist didn’t do anything wrong, he wasn’t even that close.

I think he should have a ride through some city streets, maybe even do an alley cat or two

I didn’t watch- what was the deal?

I think he mostly annoyed because the moto jumped in the middle of cadel’s train, it did seem a bit of an over reaction.

they’ll play it on the recap.
cadel was thumping his way back up through the cars, an the gendarmes were to the left, and the team cars to the right, and a gendarme crossed from the right to left in front of him from out of the midst of the team cars, and as cadel rode past he grabbed the guys arm and then made the ‘use your eyes gesture’

he must have been quite stressed. he may have had to slow down for a second at the most. maybe he’ll issue an apology, it probably doesn’t do his image much good

Hey, was that a campagnolo lock ring on a chain around Valverde’s neck? Perhaps from his first bike or maybe a gift from his dad as he entered the pro’s

I lifted this link from

“Zabel is the best forever:)”