The video game thread

Alright, so there are a few gamers amongst us. Get your nerd on here. Share your PSN or gamertag to play online with the other nerds.

What games are you playing / looking forward too / have played in the past.


psn - rx3-13b :wink:

usually play skate2, dirt2 and recently uncharted2 online :wink:

Eve Online!

Fallout 3 was pretty good, but i need a new console.

X360 / Wii / PS3?

the one eyed fanboy in me says ps3 no question.

but in all reality, have a look at each systems exclusives, and make your decision based on that :wink:

having said that, the PS3 is a much better equiped console, dont let the “arcade” xbox fool you, it may be cheap, but there is a reason, its missing lots of good stuff liek a HDD, HDMI etc ( from what im told? i dont own a x_fail tho…)

with the PS3, bluetooth, big HDD, blu ray!, FREE online gaming :wink: not to mention the PS3 is much more “future proof” :wink:


Call of Duty 4, 5 and 6…soon.
CounterStrike: Source
MX Simulator

Gamertag is xDRUGFREEx (I think) and Steam is xEVHx



an xbox needs a harddrive to be used online freely properly, otherwise you can’t get all the maps and downloads + things. they also charge extra for some of them, not sure if PS3 does that. microsoft charges for online play, ps3 doesn’t. in saying that, microsoft have a pretty cool online system, and thy’re constantly updating it. facebook and twitter integration are imminent, and in countries with proper broadband you can stream movies direct from netflix online (i guess it will be 8 years before we can do that).
the xbox live arcade is pretty good, and downloads of old games like doom and wolfenstein 3d don’t cost much.
get whatever people you know have, that’s the best part for me anyway, playing against friends.

not sure, iv never played for anything related to playing/getting online with my ps3…

so i assume not?


Am playing, looking forward to playing and have played in the past.

Im playing Pokemon Pearl right now, love the series from day one. Looking forward to the Gold/Silver/Crystal remake coming out soon called Heart Gold and Soul Silver.


I have a xbox 180 at the min but its 6 years old and nearly dead.

Will a 360 let me play .avi’s over my n3tw0rk?

Spud, You will need to pay $100 for a wifi adapter for the xbox 360 if your network is wireless.

Alright, warning… rant coming along.

My first console was an Atari playing pacman and ever since then I have owned a current gen console so I have owned my fair share of Commodore 64s, Amigas, Sega’s, Neo-Geo, Nintendo’s, Game boys, PSP, Xbox and Playstations.

I will try not to be a fanboy here, but here is my opinion on the PS3 v 360.

The xbox has been out in front of the console war for some time now (well, wii has but thats because it is a toy… and kids like toys) due to the higher end cost of the PS3, but things are now looking better for the PS3 with the new low price and the 250gb hard drive.

I have never owned a 360 so I can’t really compare performance wise but my guess is they are both the same. With xbox you have to pay to play online (100 bucks a year?). You will need to pay $100 for a wifi adapter for the xbox if you don’t want the console hard wired to the telephone line… and it is little things like this that the xbox does to ‘seem’ like the cheaper console put of the box. But once you get home… you realise you need to get back to the shop and buy these things. Fkn bullsh!t.

I had the same experience though when I got my PS3, I got home… plugged it in to my HDMI TV and realised that I didn’t have a HDMI Cable for the PS3. On to ebay $10 later I was sorted. It picked up the wifi no problems and I was online in no time shooting n00bs.

NOW… the future of both consoles. I read a lot on video games and keep an eye out on what is happening within the industry, FORGET ABOUT THE Wii. It is a shit console and is one massive joke. Yeah, it is popular but it is aimed at the casual gamer market… perfect for playing with your mrs or a few people who have never gamed before. Apart from that aspect it has nothing going for it. Next year you will see Microsofts and Sony’s motion control games start to appear which will be more accurate and will have more exciting gameplay.

The shelf life of the Playstation 2 has been huge (released in 2000). It is still going and has been the biggest selling console ever. Compare this to the xbox… have you seen them selling xbox games lately in store? Nope. It is a thing of the past. The Playstation 2 kept on gaining momentum and each game got better and better with the shelf life of the console. The console reached it’s peak with the game God of War 2 with its release in 2007. If anyone has played this game it could be compared to some of the current gen games with it’s sound and graphics.

So compare this to the Playstation 3 which was release in November 2006, the console is still an infant that is pushing out the best games I have played. Game developers are still working out how to get the best out of the PS3 and are only scratching the surface of what the console can do. The advantage of the PS3 is the Blue ray, The blue ray has more room available on the disk so more room equals more awesome games. So with games like Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 completely setting the standard for games in their genre at the moment… imagine what will happen in a couple of years.

Also another little thing on the PS3 v Xbox… the xbox has over a 50% failure rating due to the ‘red ring of death’. Fark that.

Anyway… as you were.

yeah, if you’re running windows. ps3 may as well? also to run wireless you will need to purchase and adaptor, OR an apple airport, which will act as a wireless range extender for your network as well. same price i believe.

i think the deal killer may be that ps3 games are not region encoded, which means you can pick up dirt cheap brand new games on US ebay. well worth factoring in if it means games are 40% cheaper.

ohh, also i believe microsoft has said the 360 will remain their flagship console till 2012. not sure about ps3

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yeah, if you’re running windows. ps3 may as well?[/quote]

Yeh PS3 is great for that, it picks up the Windows Media sharing thing but that’s shit, I downloaded a small program called PS3 media server which lets you access any folder you want. i play all my downloaded torrents straight off it, havent had an issue with codecs.

As for games, pretty addicted on FIFA09 right now, and used to play Resistance 2 online. awesome game. occasionally mariokart wii too. wii is fun every now and then, but nothing to get hooked on. and i have a ds with pokemon diamond. that series seriously needs an update. i hadnt played any of them since the original red/blue and its still exactly the same

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Probably this program?

Quakelive here (free version of Quake3). It runs on pretty much every computer. fast-paced like every other quake. It’s good fun.

And DOTA - a Warcraft 3 map - really good 5v5 game.

used to be a CSS addict, but that faded as the Uni semester began, though I guarantee it will come back once holidays start.

anyone play combat arms?
its a free downloadable fps for online play only
sounds lame i know but somehow the got the gameplay nice and even and the levels so right. nothing on current gen graffics but super fun.

Very true, game play has been the same for over 10 years and yet it is still able to maintain a huge audience since day 1. I still love the game though.

Maybe Nintendo has perfected the formula; if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Am crossing off the days until Starcraft 2. Faiely bullshit that they are releasing the campaigns consecutivly though. Zerg rush here we come