The video game thread

nah this one it’s actually called PS3 Media Server. very basic simple and effective

Street fighter 4!
any other fans out there?

Yeah another good game. Love playing this at an arcade, just intense when you and your opponents health is barely visible.

Possibly the only game where me and my friends scream while playing. :stuck_out_tongue:

thinking of getting uncharted 2. it’s been reviewed pretty well. anyone got any feedback on it. noticed someone had said they’d played it online. how long is the actual single player module on it?

Uncharted 2 is a great game and a must buy if you own a PS3. As you have read the reviews there really isn’t too much I can add. I am slowly getting through the story mode… I will find myself exploring a little bit looking for the treasures and just taking the graphics in.

I am playing the story on normal now, but it will be getting another play through after I complete it on a harder setting.

I have only played the online game 3 times as I am concentrating on the story, I was in the beta a few months ago and I had a lot of fun. Because of the way you can climb up and around things there are a number of different vantage points you can get for the advantage. I am yet to play all the different online game modes but there is plenty of gameplay to be had once you complete the story mode.

There are two things that bug me about this game though.

  • Enemies take too many bullets - Just aim for the head, its the quickest way to take them down

  • I have been getting pretty frustrated with the cover system, it just seems sort of clumsy. It isn’t so much when you are behind cover itself, it is more getting out of cover. I was on a level last night where I would want to leave the cover and I would end up jumping off the side of a train. I was getting pissed and I may have thrown a tanty.

Anyway, just get the game… it is amazing.

This is more like it. I’ve been hitting up sf4 almost exclusively since I got it.

Regarding the general ps3/xbox caper. I have both (lolnerd!) but if I was buying one now I’d probably go for the ps3. Previously ps3 offered an absolutely garbage online experience compared to xbox. It was unbelievably frustrating to try and play with friends. Recently they’ve started to fix this up and now it’s only irritating compared to xbox. This was the only area it really lagged behind the xbox and it’s starting to catch up.

Spud: both systems will play pretty much any media you throw at them, they both perform really well as media centres without requiring additional software (on a pc, nfi how they go with macs). Ps3 has the advantage of being a BluRay player, and including a harddrive in all models (upgradable with a bigger laptop drive) having wireless as standard, and having online gameplay free (xbox you need to pay a subscription).

I have street fighter on the PS3, but you really do need the arcade controls to get the most out of that game.

finished the story mode on normal in around 11 hrs, which is pretty normal for a linear game these days. but it feels like soo much more! I also didnt go looking for much, just did the story and thats it. But as with the first Uncharted, its such a good game, it judt wont get old the 2/3/4th time you play it :wink:

as EzyLee said, online is awesome, its awesome hanging from a wall or ledge and then picking people off below you who didnt even know you were there or dropping down on then and stealth killing them. awesome. Im not the biggest online shooter person, but i found U2 online really easy to pick up and play, game matching works pretty well finding players ranked roughly the same as you. It also hase a feature that lets you re-watch your last online game from and perspective, and chop it up/watch and make it into a movie/take screen shots! much like halo3 i think.

final answer, BUY IT, its a must own for any ps3 owner, and in fact i think its a console seller, a few of the levels in the game have by far THE best graphics i have seen on ANY console game :wink:

Yeah I agree you need a proper arcade stick for street fighter. I was fortunate I had a friend in the states who was able to pick one up cheap for me.

I dug the first Uncharted, except for the bit where you had to drive the boat, and I have every intention of picking up the new one - I agree it’s a console-seller. Fortunately I have the self-control that I can bide my time and pick it up a lot cheaper when it’s not so new and cool (I’d only really be interested in the single-player stuff for this game).

Fk I’ve wasted a ridiculous number of hours in front of my xbox360 and its still going strong. I know heaps fo people have been stitched up by fails bt mine is feakin sweet!

Playing Gears of War2… Again.
Guitar Hero 5
Way too much GTA IV

Haven’t played PS3 much but buddies all swear by it. This talk of Uncharted2 is making me think that my next console will be ps3.

As for wii… What am I, 9 years old? Looks like motion detection for xbox360 is coming soon and will be all-time check it below

(click for link)

Primrose is doing my head in. It’s Go, inside out, on acid.
Retro/casual/indy gamer, reporting in.
So the wii’s a POS and for kids but the 360 and PS3 are getting mocap systems… at least it speaks 802.11 out of the box. And I can’t keep all yo’ mothers fit, someone has to do it…
I like their virtual console too.
Wii arcade stick: $60 vs. ps3/360 arcade stick: $150
I like seeing what people make in the homebrew/indy world, which console has better ‘scene’ support? spelunky is going to be fun on the 360. But everyday shooter is only on the PS3. waa.
FPS make you forget how to climb trees.
+1 for SF4 and SC2. “Nothing beats twelve carriers.” :wink:
Oh, also this. And buy ‘my’ shirt.

(Tour De France for the Vectrex)

“Life ain’t nothin’ but bitches and dresses!”

If it ends up working exactly like that I will be impressed. The only gripe I have with the way it looks to work, especially for the driving game… holding on to an imaginary steering wheel? Skating on an imaginary skateboard? They have to work something out for that.

I think that both Sony and Microsoft are doing the right thing with taking on the Wii… but I think both attempts are still going to be terrible. There is nothing like a game that has good controller design, that is enough to immerse yourself in to it.

too bad with natal you still have to jump around looking like a total f-wit using a wii :wink:

this is where its at :wink:

That does look pretty cool… But at the end of the day its tough to beat slumping in the couch and blowing shit up without moving anything other than your thumbs :slight_smile:

Virtual console = Contra III = WIN.

I guess it’s xbox + wii then… PCs are for real games, not PS3 :wink:

this :evil:

World of Goo (download exlusive wiiware) is very addictive and stupidly simple. great use of the wiimote

World of Goo is great! I finished the pc version a year or two ago and I’m not sure how well you’d fare with the wii controller in the later levels (I’m assuming you point at the screen to pick where to put the goo?) as there’s a couple of levels where you need to be really quick and accurate so your structure doesn’t collapse.

Now we’re on indie games: if you haven’t yet picked up “Braid” on either xbox or PC - go and do it right now. Game of the year last year, fucking great.

Machinarium was just released also, by the makers of that flash game “Samorost”. Should be a good time…

DOTA!! Are you playing HoN?

DOTA!! Are you playing HoN?

Didn’t take the time to try it.
From what I have heard it’s a copy/paste of DOTA + you can reconnect when you have been disconnected from a game.
I will try to give it a go.

If you want to play a DOTA game, you can find me on GGarena under “FR.Tone”. :slight_smile: