The video game thread

anyone played fifa10 yet? itching to get my hands on it.

Its way better than 09’ I can tell you that much. Very much like in player handling though which I like.

Looks the goods too!!!

what console do you play it on?

I have a 360 but I played it on a mtes PS3…basically the same anyway

yeah, im just trying to decide whether it’s worth buying a console for it and which. i used to have a psp with fifa 09 but sold it when i was broke.

My boss has it, and plays on a TV the size of a queen mattress. I don’t play soccer games but he says it’s amazing.

been liking majesty 2 and I’m looking forward to assasins creed 2

i dream of one day being able to do such things

fifa10 is amazing…i highly recomend…after fifa09 i was so dissapointed with all the bugs in it…very glad to see they have fixed this and made it so much better…

3 days till Forza 3 comes out!!!

Buying it ASAP!!! Anyone else keen???

Starcraft 2 - Electric Boogaloo

Is that the one with the rewind feature?

Yeah it is…not in Forza 2

hon is good, but the community are a bunch of jaded cunts and whiners - often both
DotA apparently is worse.
hon will be better when psr is reworked and automatching is brought in

starcraft 2 hopefully will be worthwhile



have started playing resident evil 4 again on my gamecube. it’s the only console i have.

Murray, get yourself over to my place for a Galaga tournament on the cocktail arcade machine. I need some competition.

And if anyone can beat Nath’s high score on Robotron I’ll die from shock.

set a date, i’m there.

Do you have a two stick cabinet? This sounds good

That sound like me, but I’m no ones boss :frowning: … not even the cat.

Fifa 10 worth buying, but just change the price stickers over and get the casheir to match the lower one. works everytime. :evil: