The "What did familyguy build/make today" thread

There seems to be some creative types on this here forum, post up a pic of what you make.

Be it bike related, a house, machine part, art, furniture or a robot aardvark that shoots lasers from its many nipples… show us what you got

I’ll start things rolling

55/54 lugged road frame for my little bro, still a few days filing to go before it is finished

I’m loving that head badge… and the stuff it is attached to is okay I guess. It looks like you have been busy!

So I am trying to organise a bit of a social hockey group around Canberra. Needed a logo so I quickly did this up after work today… pretty simple but at least it looks official. Still not convinced of the name for the league… suggestions welcome!

i made a post on

I’m gonna try and make a baby later on… sort of. Need pics?

I was wondering how long it would be before someone said that…

I made a hot chocolate with marshmellows.

Tested out a couple of cycling cap patterns I got my hands on.

They took me 2 hours each - hoping to cut that time down a bit.

Been there, done that…here’s a pic.

Let me know if you need any advice.

i took photos of my lunch and street art.

so much art

1:200 model of anex-industrial site for redevelopment.

If ‘today’ also includes being awake for the last two nights also.

Also reupholstered an old Vetta (turbo-esque) saddle with brown suede I had lying around. Was deliciously easy. Pics soon.

test versions being done on the new Risograph printer i bought

(plus bonus spam)

^ Weonesday?

that is a D goddammit.

I thought it was a play on words, like ‘We (are) one sday’. Good to see no tea bags will be allowed in…

That flyer is awesome. Don’t change a thing!

i like the cats

The cats are just the awesome garnish

needs moar:

and possibly corks from his sombrero…

Replace cats with dicks and you’ve pretty much got one of the invites I send out to my terrible poker nights.