The 'what you've done to your bike today' thread

Thought this thread might be useful for those chronic modifiers :sunglasses: ill start us off shall i.

Updated frame, not sure the brand. But it’s weight seems to indicate Tange Prestige, a step up from my 1020 HiTen repco traveller frame :expressionless: Also has BCM french lugs (Bocama )Campy headset and shimano 600 brakes.

Edited title, just to clarify, its not about me, it’s for all members to post up so we dont have to see a new thread if you’ve updated something.

Mods, feel free to delete if the idea is useless :wink:

I rode it…

i left it at home and rode the tram because my clipless shoes still have lakes in them after getting caught in the rain lastnight

Just built the shittest ever pub bike. Cost 0$. Re-used bar tape and a 700c stretched into a 27’’. Metallic Charcoal Spray can which i found. Now its got a glitter NJS paintjob. Flopped and chopped bars and running them backwards. I will take a pic now i think.

i just look at my bikes all week 'cause im swine flu’d

i like the sound of this… put up pics!

just started to let my new frame rust in the weather( i ground it back) give it that ‘salty sea dog’ look

converted the 10 speed to single speed and ditched the crummy 27s for some weinmanns and a new chain.

Cool idea for a thread. Stickied for now… make it worth it :slight_smile:

I got some ‘skunkworks’ Hookworms for my BMX… thanks Thoran!

put orange ODI longnecks on my bmx and pink ourys on my risers. Bit early for bikes but hey this thread seems like the place to be excited about the little things in life

Massive box of stuff from wiggle arrived yesterday. Tyres, tubes, track pump. And getting some colours sorted out for some builds I am working on.

yeh, me too. 5 tyres for a hundred bucks. Brilliant.

It’s amazing that they are so much cheaper and quicker than the Australian on line stores.

I fixed a flat front tyre and rode my Malvern Star in to work today.

My rear Aerospoke made a weird noise when I skid hopped.

Not happy.

Need to buy a spoke wrench because the spokes are so loose on my front wheel. Time to learnm wheel maintanence.

Ahh discovering the joys of the rear potato. How old is it?

Ordered it at Easter… so what 4 months? And I have three bikes, so it’s not ridden every day.

The potato company started packing around the rear track hubs with epoxy (it says so on the little sheet that comes in the box) because they were developing play between the hub/wheel interface when hipsters started tricking/skiding on them. Seems to me to be a temporary solution, perhaps not working too well. Expoxy cracks pretty easily… hopefully this is not the problem.

I don’t think it’s cracked. I hope. I’ll have a closer look tonight.

So, who wants to buy a black unmachined rear potato? Will swap for black Velocity Deep V wheelset, unmachined…

I’m semi-serious.

I’ll buy it for 50 dorrah :evil: