The 'what you've done to your bike today' thread

Fit some 30year old cantis from Poland to my 35 yeah old Fuji frame.



Greatest cantis ever

I did consult the Oracle before buying

@Ell-P knows what’s up

So still average then?


For someone who is running vintage campy brakes I feel this is beneath you.

Stopping is purely hypothetical.

I don’t ride bikes to go slow

Changed the Kumo from 12" to 16" wheels for Eliana as she’s getting taller.

Just need to get her a front bar bag for all the rocks and gumnuts she collects. Avoiding a basket as shit just bounces out.


Have we met?
Do you live in Preston? My kid is Felix. My wife is Anna, We have a Bakfiet.
I met you at a park in Preston I’m sure if it.
I rode your cargo bike with the weird geometry.
Unless there is some other dad out there with a Kumo balance bike.

Yeah that’d be me, funny.

Wish I had a bike that looked pretty.much like that!

How are those brakes Mikdee? I’ve often wondered. Are they really that much better than CR720s or Shorties or something?

Every time I see it setup like this all I can think of is one of those DirtySixers, 36" wheeled MTB’s.

They feel about the same as 720’s with flat levers tbh.

But I needed these to work with the narrow spaced canti studs on this frame.

720’s wouldn’t work at all.

finally fitted the c17 cambium i bought off diddy, natural bar tape turned up also, bit darker but like the feel…the seat is hard but comfortable


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new bike day

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Did you just buy the frameset online? Can’t really find anything local.

nah, this one popped up locally. I actually saw it pop up earlier this year but missed out. Then when i saw it pop up again over the weekend i nabbed it.

came with some interesting parts…but thats another story :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Have got the $0 pub bike rolling. Still havent nailed the magic ratio, need to take apart a few more cassettes and put a less dodgy chain on.

But… FUN

Also yes the front v brake is the correct way around (segmented crown polo fork that was free. Sadly only clears 2" tyres)