The worst streets/roads to ride in melbourne. .

as in, the most places you’ve had accidents, or near misses…

to me, the most dangerous stretches of road are Sydney Road, and Collins Street.
collins street mainly for all the car doorings that i have missed…

what are some trecherous stretches of roads in melbourne that you have encountered?

nicholson street can sometimes sux.
brunnwick street for all the numbskulls who wander out inbetween parked cars.

Chapel St needs to be mentioned

I crashed on Rathdowne Street once. Coz of a scooter. That one’s worth keeping an eye on.

All streets are dangerous if you ride like a fuck- knuckle.

I resent that.

Warrigal Rd - never again.

Any street with traffic backed up in teh cbd - whenever cars aren’t moving drivers are getting angsty and are prone to doing stupid things.

lolz, sorry ryan, wasn’t directed at you, or anyone for that matter. In fact i think it’s an indirect quote from Shifter Dan, when everyone was bitching about his new place being off Chapel St.

i rode that everyday to work for 4 months. it wasn’t as bad as the 2km ish section of north rd past oasis bakery, which is two lanes each way with a clearway in the morning, the gutter till 3 feet into the rd is cobbles, and everyone is switching lanes constantly to avoid either parked cars, or cars stopped in the inner lane to turn right. sweaty palms most mornings.

I have to say Nicholson Street. From the city all the way to the end. Not much of that street is enjoyable to ride.

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Pfft, I’ve ridden most of those roads and they’re nothing.
Belgrave Hallam road, the road directly north from my place, the link to the bottom carpark of lysterfield lake park.
90km/h, so most go 100. A 45 degree drop to the west, a 45 degree hill on the east. Blind corners too.
only rode it once.

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You know this could be made into a poll- you’d get a nice graph at the end too

It’s not that bad, its quite easily avoided and if you’re forced to ride it just use the ample space on the tram tracks

The road down into Appleton dock is pretty hairy - There’s some grates down there that would comfortably swallow an entire wheel.

Why would you be riding down there though?

I rode down Sydney rd daily for years and never had any accidents, some close calls but no eating road. I got cleaned up on Canning st ( two shoulder op’s to get my shit working as it should) which is a really bike friendly street so who knows. Kinda funny really.

Bell street can be fun sometimes.


dude, i feel the same way about nicholson too…

another street, that i have been doored on about 5 times is William Street.
just saw a guy on monday get forced into the gutter by a car driving into the bike lane…

its a real bitch of a street, but i gotta do it daily cause of work…

Lies! “It’s all about being aware of your surroundings, maan. It’s a zen thing, maan”
Nicholson is definitely annoying.