The worst streets/roads to ride in melbourne. .

Wasn’t that in an alleycat one time?

Also, going fishing could be a potential reason to ride down there.

no reason.

the alley cat was a diff dock (i checked maps).

and that one sucked balls too.

i don’t particularly like riding on victoria st/pde at any time, but can cope.
albert st used to suck before the bike lanes, and i’m not convinced they’ve made it better.

I know it’s avoidable, and thus I don’t ride it that often.

fight !!!

uh, swanston st? cyclists die down there you know.

The street to Dylan’s mum’s house is bad for me because I always in such a hurry to get down it.

Everyone else manages quite fine !!!

HA!! ziiiiiiiiiiiiing

i’ll agree with the Victoria St/Pde opinion. rode from north melbourne to richmond on tuesday evening, that shit sucked

Chapel Street is easy just slow down and enjoy the view. I ride it every day to and from work.

Youse caarnts are soft. Come ride in Sydney to check out some shit roads.

aka Paris-Roubaix training grounds. Potholes, glass, garbage, buses, wreckless drivers, mercenary taxi’s … and that just on the quiet roads.

Pussies in Melbz don’t know how good they’ve got it :wink:

In Brunswick St I got hit by a white delivery van who was overtaking a car on the left.

Barkers Rd in morning traffic is a bit of a white knuckle ride at times, with it’s disappearing and then re-appearing bike lanes. Add private school mum in their 4wd’s and mid life crisis, exec, Porsches etc and it’s a death zone.


Then come to Perth and check out some shit drivers.

Nothing wrong with the roads. Just the people that use them.

I was going to move this to the Melbz forum but it got more awesome, so here it stays (unless another mod disagrees).

For me:
Swanston and Chapel both rate highly for their need to watch for obstacles appearing at all times. sometimes you just dont want to have be ever vigilant for latte-wielding confused peds or sunbed-overtanned ‘models’.

but neither is unrideable… they just regularly detract considerably from my enjoyment of riding.

plenty road heading citywards from south morang-ish has been the site of some far from pleasant experiences with drivers.

FWIW: I really like nicholson from its northern start to north fitzroy. but its at its best out of peak hour when you can gas it and enjoy the subtle downhill.

oh and my time riding in sydney is always really good… its like a foreign land where cyclists are a new breed, and drivers just dont know how to deal with them. plus the roads are suitably chaotic in the surface and layout. A+++ would ride again!

I second Nexus’ mention of Barkers Rd, due to the bike lane falling in and out of existence and for the SUV toting idiots around there.
Bit the worst is the continuation of Barkers into Victoria St through Little Vietnam… Holy shit… When you’re not dodging bad drivers you a dodging junkies. Using Albert St as a detour is worth it if enroute.

Chapel Street isn’t that bad.
Nicholson seems fine to me.

high street is a bitch.

^ Which one? I have had no problems with Thornbury/Northcote (compared to most roads around here anyway)

Any St in the CBD sucks dog balls I am loving not having to ride there anymore.

Outside Flinders Street Station is pretty good for a spot of dooring. I got cleaned up good there a year or so back. Gertrude and Chapel sts are pretty good too for it too. All three spots are equally good for taking out some peds also.

But Sydney Rd has to take the honours, surely?

Personally, I’m a total wuss and ride everywhere I can on the backstreets.