Thin gloves - POC?

On the lookout for gloves with minimal (or no) padding. Tried the Specialized (Grail I think they are called) but didn’t like the fit. Came across these POC’s now which are quite expensive but would anyone of you have an opinion on them? I don’t really mind spending money for a quality product.

i’ve been using Raceface - stage gloves for a few months now, thin and sweet, can use your phone and got a neat sweat/snot wipey pad

661- Raji, basically a mesh top and a unpadded palm.

Giro make a really good one, I’ve had a pair for the last 2-3 years. I think they’re called the LTZ.

My free version sponsored by work. cut the fingers out and you’ve got gloves that breathe enough not to get too sweaty and super grip with the rubber underside. They may not look the best but who gives a? They do come in different colours though :wink:

Race Face, 661…this is the road forum :wink: Thanks anyway.

I’ve had a pair of Giro Zero for a few months but I feel that they’re not going to be super durable.
Other than that they’re good. I grabbed them for cheap from Torpedo7.

I have the longer finger version of these and really like them. Not a fan of bulk at all and I can still feel the hoods etc with these.

The santini race mitt is a good option. Had mine for a while, and have lasted well.

Something like this.

I’ve got these and confirm that they’re not durable. The velcro carked it after only 2 or so months so I cut it off. I’ve got a hole on the top of the index knuckle.
The padding is fine though

^ must be a different glove, mine has no velcro and no padding. Different version maybe?

Not much padding, more just leather.

Sorry, didn’t realise I couldn’t ride these on the road

No worries but yes they start crying and falling apart when they are out of their element.

Correct, they’re pretty flimsy.

Bought Rapha…they are awesome.

dodgiebros indeed ha ha ha ha

I have an iteration of these

Yep, female gloves because I have beautiful petite hands. They are four years old and still going strong :slight_smile:

Rapha proteam

Yep, they are the ones I bought. No padding, just awesomeness. Prefer to ride gloveless but when it gets sweaty they come in handy.