Things I lost on eBay this week

I missed out this sweet Gloria Garibaldina frameset with most of the important parts. These really are quite rare though there’s one Dealer in Europe that’s asking $4500 for his that is complete and in original finish (pics below). A bike from Italy I much desire …

I got shoved aside when all the big shot collectors went hammer and tongs for this NIB set of Campagnolo [i]“no name”[/i] (1st gen.) brakes. Just over $2000 !!! I thought they would have went for more :-o

Lastly, I missed out again :x on these Carerra Jeans bib shorts Coolest Short Ever !!! You kids mightn’t know but there was a time when these were the shizzle :mrgreen: Faux denim and faux stitching, these bib shorts are only to be worn by the brave … and Claudio Chiapucci !!! Silly me for thinking these were off the radar so to speak :oops:

Not good pics but you’ll get the idea


These are not Carrera team shorts but they have their own certain appeal (or lack of it :-P). Maybe they could be an inspiration for a “kit”

$2000 for a box of old shit… fuck people suck sometimes.

it’ll be $4000 when he resells it in a few years :stuck_out_tongue:

that, and the fact that buyer will have something very rare to play with for a few years

i hope all he does is play with them cos, y’know, you’d be kind of a fool to actually use them…

that frame is nice got a pic of one in the roloing flesh? those forks? serious rake,why, fashion of the time?

I can’t believe you let the Carrera’s get away. They went so cheap too. Lucky I’m not a size 4.

I added two pics of another one with original paint … here’s some more of a track version.

re: rake … post war Europe had very poor roads compared to today and on some sections the racers were riding on dirt roads. I wouldn’t call it fashion … I’d call it necessity.

I like this thread spirito :slight_smile:

Keep it coming…

He’s got more of the Carrera bibs…

Awesome. Hope they’re my size. Full length too.

great thread

It’s you vs me heatseeker, i’ve been sleeping on these for a while. Perfect to match my navy blue Carrera roadie. :smiley:

some of you obviously don’t watch Antiques Road Show…

$2k is loose change for serious collectors.

It’s still relatively ‘modern’ items. Not even turn of the century.

Thanks Spirito for a great thread.

Shifter Dan gave me my carrera bibs in 2005. Pocket in the rear too. Only used for CWMCs!

Stylemaster :wink:

I’m just about to lose the auction for a set of these too. Makes me kinda glad though as my ass won’t ever do them justice as you have <where’s the blow a kiss emoticon?>.

BTW … the rear pocket detail is killer

Anyways, the same seller has a now rare and very collectible set of one piece Cinelli City Bike bars/stem/brake levers. I beleive they’re the “Tirolo” model. Poor condition but if you know a good chromer that can keep the Cinelli stamp detail you’ve got yourself a very cool slice of history. Maximum Funk !!!
Sorry Jolan … I gotta have 'em !!!

Bib went for $89 Aus

They do look pretty cool though

Missed out on some sweet max action: 57cm Pinarello Maxim Columbus Max Road Frame & Fork - eBay Bicycles Frames, Cycling, Outdoor Sports, Sporting Goods. (end time 06-May-10 12:00:41 AEST)

I was watching that, it was worth the money, someone scored a good one.

I love this thread

Minipod Bluroom Stylish speakers great condition RP$500 - eBay, Speakers, Subwoofers, Audio, Electronics. (end time 19-Jun-10 23:14:07 AEST)

Such a bargain at $260…I was asleep when I lost it

You should get some sniping software. I think it’s the best way to play. Less time wasted, less temptation to increase your bid, and automatic last seconds bid is a good defense against shill bidders ramping their own auction price.

I don’t use any snipe software so don’t have recommendations but might try it too.