things to do/shops to shop in Perth...

Attention Perthians,
I will be travelling to your fair city in June to visit friends and was wondering where the best shops are to blow my hard earned wedge…

Looking mainly for graf stores/hip hop record stores, clothing (sneakers, skateboards etc), book shops and bike shops…
Some cool places to eat would be cool.

Also my fiance is mad for snorkelling with various oceanic type creatures, anyone done any of that and can recommend something cheap and decent.

beyond skate & outer limitz cbd
hal - highs & lows for sneakers mt lawley or claremont
planet videos mt lawley for vinyl
hay st/murray st malls for books n shit
snorkeling, probs be worth taking a day trip to rottnest island, or anywhere from trigg beach up until hillarys boat harbour


Shopping - Beyond Skate / HAL / Outer Limitz / there are a few places on King St / William St in Northbridge and a few arcades off roe/James st / Beaufort st Mt Lawley

Food - chicken wings from Von’s chicken in Vic Park / takas kitchen in Shafto Lane for cheap map cuisine / himalayan Nepalese restaurant at Vic park / the atrium or rock pool at burswood / failing that, anywhere in Vic park/northbridge/mt lawley will do!

Snorkelling? There is an aquarium called Aqwa at Hillarys lol

Check out The Butcher Shop, one in Northbridge and one in Fremantle.
Take a walk (or ride) up William street in Northbridge.
Visit Wasteland on King Street in the city.

Snorkeling, I’ll second the Rottnest call, but there is Mettams Pool along the coast between scarborough and hillaries when the swell and wind is down. Also there is a reef just off the Hillaries boat harbour groin near Aqua (be careful though, it can have some heavy traffic from boats), I went there a few weeks back and it was really good.


you guys having trouble thinking of a decent fixed bike shop? i know i am. lol! maybe cycles bespoke, wembley cycles or henri’s fav one on canning hwy…but it wont be anything like the ones over east though, boutique spec.

ideal cycles in o’connor has a decent parts range

Good on price too…

thats the one i was thinking of…

pretty much the only one. and its on south street, not canning highway Azz lol

They haz an awesome old 50’s Bianchi on dipslay in that shop. Never been to Cycles Bespoke but worked for his mate in the UK for Rollapaluza. Apparently Mr Bespoke is an ex-Curryer.

Heaps of Gios’s as well! Bespoke is an interesting shop. sometimes the guys are helpful, other time they are absolute wankers.

Bipolar cycles…

Good shop, It’s my local since it’s only 10 minutes away.

Funny story about the Bianchi. While I was in the shop some “dumb blonde” came in looking for some threaded forks for her dads bike. She started measuring the Bianchis steerer and asked how much for the fork only. Steve the owner, just laughed and kept working.

But I would recommend a visit to Fremantle. Some nice clothing and shoe stores. Momentum, The bakery and there is a good clothing store next to a dive shop. Forget its name


This place is open a second restaurant in Inglewood!!! Great food!
“The Moon” Northbridge has 1/2 price pasta and pizza Mon/Tues, open till 3am for food Fri, sat and sun!!
Cant beat the duck house on the other side of the road from the moon.

Dada records on Pier st

fortune duck? so worth paying extra for boneless…

chinese? uncle billys, anywhere else is ripp off

City Garden > uncle Billy’s. It’s the place just to te left of unc’s!

Actually best Chinese I’ve had in Perth is that place on bennet st. But it’s pricey.

fark yeah this sat morning yum cha, then rideeee

Second on Butcher Shop - local artist’s work, including apparel, great range of books and magazines, all the high quality aerosols + pens. They got it allllll. Also again, Highs & Lows, Father (Claremont, bit pricey but nice…)

montys autocolour in vic park/fremantle is better than butcher shop in terms of paint, mops, markers etc…