Things you see whilst riding ...

This morning I’m riding along a bike path and not really thinking of anything, still morning, just tuned out a little. When up ahead and to my right side I noticed an odd sight … as I drew closer it appeared like an older guy, and something wasn’t quite right. He seemed to be making very exaggerated steps, lampoonish, almost like a slow dance.

As I got closer I saw he was quite scruffy, soiled pants, and very much looked like a wino or like someone who lived on the street. He was facing away from me and directly at woman who was jogging towards me on the path. The woman was very large, fat and she saw the funny man who was closer to her than I was to them, she looked away, down and in front of her.

I looked back at him and thought “no, he’s not” but yes he was. He was making large cumbersome gestures at the woman, making fun of her and loping along with his arms out wide, mimicking the motions of a very fat person, cumbersomely trying to jog, exaggerating every step and as I passed him I saw he was grinning and had a devilish look in his eyes.

I passed the woman who was very red faced and uncomfortable. I felt sorry for her, but I couldn’t hide my smirk which became and out loud laugh as I looked back the old guy, bald, long scruffy white beard that was yellow around his mouth. Crappy clothes, peed/poo’d pants but lucid and having a ball taking the piss at the expense of the jogging woman. It’s not nice but it was one if the funniest thing’s I’d randomly seen whilst riding along for a long time.

I have just moved to the city from a small coastal town,
Went for my first mon morn ride through the valley to find a young girl spewing on the footpath, best thing is she wasn’t alone must have seen half a dozen that morning. Just gold as a non smoking non drinker it was so off putting the stench was terrible but at the same time it was hilarious.

While doing the etape I saw a person sitting in front of their house at the base of the galibier watching the riders go by. He was sitting in an armchair with a glass of wine and his feet resting on his taxidermied dog. The gf didn’t believe me until she saw the town taxidermy the next day.

HLC and I once rode past his ghetto trainstation (burswood) at night through a pack of drunk abo’s (non racist) on the bike path, and almost got attacked but didn’t because we were “cyclists” or someshit lolwtfbbq

When Riding home from doing some work at St John’s Cathedral I rolled through the valley on a saturday night. A girl who would have been around 19 had taken a break from clubbing, taken off her heels, and had also taken the liberty to fuel up with about 8 cheese burgers. I kid you not, she had them stacked up next to her. She didn’t look like the sort of girl who consumed that many calories in a month, let alone one night.

In Perth, at various parks, i see aboriginals sniffing paint, punching each other and other such things, it’s amazing.

a while ago i was going for a ride down beach rd and saw an old guy who had clearly taken ‘wannabe euro pro’ to the next level.
standing on the footpath outside someone’s house he just whipped it out and took a piss in the gutter.

Riding through Boondall wetlands, I saw an old guy riding with a trailer.
The happiest Labrador you have ever seen sitting in the trailer.

Love this. Lady across the street from me (Been told she’s someone high up in Cycling NSW) has a cargo bike (the ones with the big tub with a wheel on each side) and I sometimes see her with her two little dogs just hangin’ out on the front, so cool!

I went for a ride earlier, and saw a car move approach an intersection and as it slowed up, this orange flashing light came on next to its brake light. It then turned a corner which, by coincidence, was in the same direction as this flashing light.
Does anyone know what they are? I vaguely remember them from my time spent in Brisbane a few years ago.

A few months ago I rode past a parked car with 3 guys in it. One of them was smoking crystal meth. Then about 1km later I rode past a car with two guys smoking meth.

Maybe not that strange in some places/times but this was reasonably suburban and it was 10:30am on a Wednesday morning.

breakfast of champions.

On my ride to work on Monday morning, I was witness to a man shaving…in his car…while he was driving. I know people are often in a rush, and shaving in the car, while waiting at a red light would sort of make sense. But not so much while driving. No wonder drivers make me feel so safe. They’re obviously concentrating on what’s important when driving.

4.30am one weekday morning commute, saw what i thought was a cat up ahead on the road…fuck that’s a big cat, so hissed at it, and it turned out to be a fox.

^ tradies it’s called smoko for a reason.

Saw a fox on my way home the other night!! Bit of a trip out!!!

I fed a fox some of my breakfast cheese when walking to the train station at about 5:30am on the way to work, about 2 years ago.

Are you allowed to shoot foxes in the city? and if not, how far out do you need to be before you can? I’m thinking a wednesday night fix/fox hunt could be kinda cool. Anyone got any foxhounds?

The parklands that run through the Camberwell are rife with them. They use them to travel around the area.

As much as you’d probably like to don some tweed, your pipe and a 12 guage, I don’t think you’d get away with it in the burbs.

Typical chux.