This crank seems too cheap...

On eBay:

A new 165mm crank with a 44T non-removable ring for $33 shipped? What’s the catch? Has anyone tried one of these? Would it be all right for a first fixie (a hybrid bike conversion being done on the cheap)?

not having a removable chainring wouldnt be a big issue as you could size a rear cog accordingly, however i wouldn’t trust it for strength when you are slamming on the cranks… my opinion of course, but 22 bucks is hard to argue with… or is it??? :slight_smile:

They look like rubbish- stay away IMO.

But pay $20-30 more and get proper chainring cranks (FSA or Truvativ)

You should be able to get an old banger pair of cranks for $30 bucks somewhere.

What does everyone recommend for half decent crankset that will stand up to daily beating? My Lager cranks/chainwheel are shit. What am I looking at for cost?

You can pick up Miche Primato Advanced cranks from Wiggle for about $150.00
Best value for money track crank I reckon. You even get a nice machined chainring!

Cheaper than that, your options are probably not much better than the FSA Vero cranks the Lager came with. ie large Q-factor, shit.

Hit eBay for some Shimano 600 square taper cranks. Excellent underrated cranks I reckon and not expensive.

Duracé 7400 are often quite cheap and they are great cranks.

ive got a set on my fuji. great cranks, and you can still get em cheap. 130bcd as well, so chainrings are common.

Or keep an eye out for old road cranks. I’m running a Sugino Mighty Competition on one my bikes. Got the cranks off ebay for $40 with a 46t and 52t. Bought new chain ring bolts… easy.

Miche Primato looks alright - is the Miche Bottom Bracket that goes with it any good as well or would I be right with the stock lager BB?

The hard part is finding 165mm cranks. I ended up ordering some brand new ones from the “wheelandsprocket” eBay store in the US, for A$62.