This is the new forum - It's getting hammered. PROBLEMS?

So, to welcome you all to the new forum, the server is on it’s last knees trying to send out password reset emails, and deal with the influx of traffic all at once…

I have no idea how long it will take to calm down, but the site is taking a bit of a beating, and I’m sorry it’s slow/not responding/running out of memory/not sending you your password/etc.



How do we go about uploading an avatar?

i can’t send pm’s until i clear my inbox of at least 100 messages, but don’t want to delete every single message, or individually open and delete each on. can’t find the delete button on the overview page. will the message storage be expanded to more then 50?

anyone know how to change your username?


i can’t send a PM because the dude im sending it to has a full inbox.

how should i get in conntact with him?

Ok I’m awake now. I will fix PM quota. For username changes contact me. I’m creating a new thread for forum problems…

If you’re having difficulties with the new forum, please post the problem here. Contact me for username changes.

The server clock seems to be out - unless I posted this in the future, and I just don’t know it yet - which would be awesome.

How do I change the settings so that the newest messages come up first? i.e. so that threads are in reverse chronological order?

from what i’ve found so far all of the above can be changed under the settings tab at the top. just need to change the thread order and change the time zone to your current location :slight_smile:

EDIT: all your settings can be changed through the various options down the left hand side. Edit Profile, Edit Signature, Edit Avatar etc

Thanks - yeah I just saw that … more specifically: settings at the top, then general settings in the left pane.

that, i have no idea about!!!

Can’t help but notice a whole bunch of images are now just html code. Will this just sort itself out over time? Take this post for instance, some images work while others dropped off.

dont need to login/have 25posts to access ‘for sale’ area?

Can you edit your posts and fix them? There is no easy way to fix up the problems with images… It is a new board and it cannot properly read all the old board posts…

Yikes! I hope all the gold didn’t escape out of the pot… Ok, I think I’ve fixed it.

it might just be me, but it seems slower than other forums i’m on that also use vBul.

matter of it needing to be ‘broken in’? extra traffic?

the server will be getting flogged with all the password requests/resets and admin changes (both user and forum admin).

give it a couple of days to settle in…

is there any way we can stay logged in indefintely like the old forum?

like most of us i’m at work so can be away a while and it’s frustrating to have to login again…

that said it’s only logged me out once and that was in the middle of reading the thread about EftS???

ps - thanks for resetting my username. for those that do the same it will affect your login also. on the last forum my login username was different to the username displayed when i posted…


Is there not a ‘keep me logged in’ checkbox when you first login on the top right of the /forums/ page?

Regarding performance issues: The server is being hit with password requests as nikcee said, and it is also being re-indexed by the search engines and having to generate thousands of pages… Hopefully it will speed up in a day or two. If not, I will have to throw more resources at the server to speed things up…

vBulletin is nice, but it’s a hog compared to the old SMF software.

is this the same as the ‘remember me?’ check box? if so i should be fine from here on in…