This is the new forum - It's getting hammered. PROBLEMS?

Im unsure of how to set my avatar/little picture thingy.

Also, what is the difference between a ‘quick reply’ and a standard reply?

And why is my post count 200 more than before?

Questions, questions…

Post count previously only counted certain boards. It did not count PUB and a few others.

@ NickJ - I have lost my mod status in the change over. And i can’t seem to get a PM sent through to you. I think it may be time to clean the 1143 PM’s out of my inbox :stuck_out_tongue: Can you sort this out when your hands are free. Thanks.

Fixed up gypsy, PM’s are now limited to 1000 :slight_smile:

Had a few probs logging in late last night with but site was fine generating a new password this morning

Also please note, if you’re wanting post notifications (to be notified when someone replies to a thread or post you created), you must do this manuall via your ‘settings’ - Same goes with the timzezone issue…


I noticed that posts with plain image tags still work fine, but image tags that have other attributes like image size etc do not work. I don’t think there’s an easy way to fix them all.

The easiest way to fix it is probably for mods to just fix up images as they see them. Or, if you notice the same thing in your own posts, you can edit them yourself.

Just got this in Opera
Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 786432) (tried to allocate 1966080 bytes) in /home/fixed/public_html/forums/showthread.php on line 1828

A large thank you to Nickj and affiliates for doing all the hard work with the new forum. Thanks for putting up with our whinging guys! Now to make my picture thingy the Pentabike…

Click on Settings at the top right of the page.

Then down the left side there are some options, one of which is Edit Avatar.

Yes, we’re having some memory issues. Trying to fix that now…

Nick, is there a VB equivalent of the SMF ‘latest posts’?

“New posts” lists thread titles that have recent activity, but I preferred the quick display of recent posts.

pretty sure only mods/admins can upload a avatar

it looks like this for me:

Doesn’t seem to work. The ‘do not use an avatar’ option is checked, and it can’t be un-checked.

EDIT: What Tom said.

fixed - no animated avatars, but avatars are now enabled… please try and upload one now.

Not sure… I will need to do some research :slight_smile:

Avatar function seems to work for us[i] plebs :stuck_out_tongue:

[/i]Not sure why my user profile has the tag “NJS Ceritifed” (sic) :confused: … was this an older carryover and is my spelling is that bad ?? :o:eek:

^ I’ve got it to.

I notice there’s a four image limit on posts, which will be detrimental to many threads. Is this a permanent installment?

(By the way, love the new site guys, great job. I’m not complaining, honest…)

I couldn’t use my normal username (bigs), I tried to get it reset to my email but it hasn’t been sent. I’ve also had one of the memory issues but apart from that I really like the upgrade. Nice work.

Awesome work guys. Are there any word substitutions in V2.0??? hehe

Thank you for fixing my password/email address issue.
The site looks good.