... this thread's gone to the Dogs

Romany Road - Romany Road

This is Takoda…


[/li][li]Rottie x Ridgeback
[/li][li]5 years old
[/li][li]Loves a good bone

Fresh Sheepdogs back home.


I just drew you a picture.

Barry is an amazing dog. seriously.

And a little bit further down the street lives Gus the cat who looks like hitler. He’s amazing too.

Barry Wiegard has THE kindest looking face… He looks like he wants to listen to your problems then give you a hug

Maybe he’s just hungry?

(kidding: Barry looks like a very cool dog and quite a character)

My man Yuri getting into the xmas spirit, not really feeling it though.

This cat isn’t in Thornbury is it? If so that is my neighbour - Kitler.

I have already posted pics of the girls in the other dog thread but here they are again - Bella & Molly:

even when hungry, Barry knows what’s cool…

Snack size…

And Family size…

Enjoying a snack at the bar after a day on the ski slopes.

Awww, his Apré ski wear is excellent.

That cat does not look impressed… but when do they ever?

For those wondering, Barry will be at Roller Racingon Sunday, possibly signing autographs, but most likely obsessing over a tennis ball.

^ Dog party? We could raise money by betting on where my dog craps…

this is Martha Stuart… my lady is american and thought it was an appropriate name for a bunny :confused: ?

There’s something else we can bet on actually. Lukeboy, we’re gonna need that rabbit.