Three day micro-tour

So a few of us got talking on Saturday about doing a three day ride down south covering 500 - 550kms. My initial thoughts were:

day 1: BNE to Byron, 175km
day 2: Byron hinterland loop through Coorabell, The Channon, Bexhill, Newrybar etc, 150 - 200km
day 3: Byron to BNE, 175km

More than happy to change based on others experiences.

I’m keen to do this on the 2 -4th of October, would love to do it earlier but am tied up with study until end of Sep.

All bikes welcome but I’ll be taking the roadie. This will be used as a training ride for the various longer rides people have planned later in the year so the pace will be quick enough to hurt but not break.

So who’s in?

yep! i’m in!
roadie too…

pfffft - more roadie bullshit. im in - fixed of course.

what’s people thoughts on dealing with the cluster fuk round tugun/tweed?

can’t wait for day two of this bad boy

Just sit on the gold coast highway; there isn’t much shoulder and it’s uncomfortable but I don’t think there are a lot of (legal) options. It’s only a short stretch anyway.

The only real call we need to make is M1 v Tweed Coast Rd. M1 being an easier ride/better surface, Coast road being more scenic…just. I’ve done both and would happily do either again. At the time M1 felt a lot easier though.

I am definantly keen + root beer + nate.

hmm i have to withdraw my interest. This trip coincides with the one day that I have to be anywhere - Monday.

never mind, you’re all too fast for me anyway.

comon… you could’t be slower than Gypo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

heh, pwned.

Next time, I promise.

Stupid job, stupid responsibility, grumble grumble.

haters gonna be hatin…

friendly bump to ensure all interested parties keep the relevant dates bookmarked


Interested pending Uni and Prac.

i think tag team 2 is on the saturday night… eek!

an easy one :stuck_out_tongue:

leave approved and map drafted… I’m still in.

sheeeet - yeah im still doing this.

i’ve been doing a hundred k’s a day now so unless you made me do the tag team alleycat solo, none of you would stand a chance anyways!!!

yo ryan - what time do the wednesday worlds head out from dolce vita?

that sounds awesome. we can be a team because i cant race due to sinus surgery two day prior.

sinus surgery… that puts you at about the same disadvantage as last time - competing on a downhill dually and all

6am - fast
5:30am - not so fast

you keen to ride tomorrow morning?

nah no set date for tag team 2 yet. i have had a million other things on my plate. that has got pushed to the side yet again… Micro tour FTW