Three day micro-tour

micro tour it is!
might even do it fixed

i’ll trade the “near vomitting” for “containing nasal bleeding” this time though.

yeah - if you’re keen for a trundle, let me know what time suits

me too! i got new shoes! oh boy!

how about 6am at the coro bikeway opening closest to the city? I’m happy to go earlier if desired.

We can do a river loop with a slight tweak at the corso to make it 45km?

which opening exactly? (soz)

you talking about the little scarper off the corso at the sewerage works?

and yeah, where about’s is the meeting spot???

let’s save confusion and make it the Regatta?

take a right off the corso near the park area bit then back through some little hills then drop back down Anita St.

yep - rad detour.

catchya on the morro

im in as long as im not in sydney for recording at that time… woop woop going fixed for sure!

hey ryan - do you have details of the second day’s route???

nice little ride this morning too - I really wanted to smash the UQ lads along the corso but the detour was worth it

yeah fun ride. got home with average of 32.5km/h after getting in and out of the city. not too bad considering we weren’t really drafting. you killed me up and under the uq bridge!

this is what I was thinking for day 2. A bit shorter than expected, but can push further west without much trouble. Could push further north-west out to Nimbin then down to Lismore. Let’s not ignore it’s a bit hilly (elevation equivalent to 5 x Coot-tha) so the pace will be down a bit.

Bicycle Path - Byron hinterland route v1 at


where is everyone staying?
this place is pretty cheap…
Dolphins Motel
so dates for accom are saturday 2 October and Sunday 3rd - right?

yep those are the dates…

there is also:

$65 a night for own room including breakfast - Byron Springs -

$80 twin rooms The Arts Factory Lodge-Backpackers -

that’s pretty sweet - know the area well and yeah, the hills are going to kill those who aren’t up with their bike fitness at present.

correct dates dave - i’ll be bunking with some chicks I used to live with… not sure how much more space they have though

Accom booked!

nice! where did you end up staying?

just that dolphins place…that’s not too far from where you are at right?

byron bay - dolphins… can you get any more stereotypical??? next you’ll be asking for us to detour through Nimbin on day 2 so you can get some “cookies”

I was going to stay with friends but they’re out of town. Just booked at Byron Springs, within a few kms of each other.

I’m riding in the morning too, text me if you’re keen.