Thunderbolt's adventure.

I’m pretty keen to do this.

Not so much for the ‘racing’, but for doing a long and promising ride in an area totally new to me, with a bunch of people. Plus it’s free.

Entries open tomorrow. Anyone keen?

Potentially. Might take the week off between Easter and then, and go roadtripping/riding with the family

I had the good fortune to be in this area a couple weeks ago, albeit in a car. I drove up Gloucester Tops Road from just near Gloucester and checked out the Antarctic Beech Forest Trail. It was incredible. Such beautiful country. The whole time I was thinking, “Man, I so have to come back here on a bike”. Keen to hear how the ride goes for you Seb!

Great to hear Angry.

Seb, could you get the time off to ride there through the Blue Mountains?

I was keen, but Dad’s booked me up for farm biz

That’s a friggin long way. We’d end up with 1000ks or so at the end of the event. Then there’s coming back. At this stage I’m inclined not too get too excited - especially because I’ll be in Bright over Easter so I’ll have plenty of climbing in the legs, so a couple days of the bike before this will be a good thing.


I’m 90% in!

I’ll be riding to CBR then hitting the Jagungals again during the Easter weekend as well!

Good to tick off heaps of NSW riding in a two week span

I’m in for the Thunderbolt thing. Not expecting to be competitive, but keen to ride anyway.

I’ve also driven around the area but not ridden it. Haven’t seen the exact route yet but I’m sure it will be scenic.

If anyone is looking for comfortable accom nearby, I can recommend the Settler’s Arms in Dungog. Otherwise various campsites in the NP.

Yeh I know it’s far but I’ve been wanting to go riding around and do some photography at quite a few places along the way and I thought this would be a good opportunity. I’d probably organise the train or a lift back.

Given I’ll probs drive, you could always get a lift with me.

Ping me anytime you wanna ride Blue Mountains, Adz!!

And question: can you get to start of this event easily via public transport?

I just googled this trail and now I’m definitely +1 super mega keen

I could maybe do this. Would want to get some kilometres in the legs between now and then just to make the distance, but yeah, maybe.

Ive been planning to ride up that way for years now. So im contemplating it. even on the single speed. would require a WI 23T freewheel id say.

I will not be attending but this does look fantastic.


Amazing place. A+ would recommend. The climb to the tops is bullshit.

You gonna go Hari? You’ve got a bike and no kids to look after.