timber risers

i kinda like these

The muff in the shorts would be my preference, gives new meaning to “you have raised the bar”.

got wood?

I agree they are pretty cool. Am I allowed a brake lever on them?

So where can we get these futuristic ‘wooden’ bars.

check your back yard for a suitably curved stick - whittle and sand.

if you are after the other wood - plenty of appropriate ‘stimuli’ around :wink:

Got Wood… I have… Don’t think the top bar will be rusting for a while.

who makes em?


I saw a bike opposite brunetti’s with a pair on looked hot even with brakes

do you think they have a metal core?
otherwise i’d like to know they’d done proper testing for fatigue

metal core

How the hell would you insert a metal core into a curved wooden handle bar?
It’s just a stick I reckon.

Fake wood.

they grow it like that. stick a bit of bent metal in a baby tree, wait 6 years, harvest… :-o

nah, seriously, how the hell do you get a piece of stick to have a perfect symmetrical handlebar shape.
my guess is he routes a groove into a plank of wood, insert the metal rod or tube in a bed of glue, and then glues another board on top. then he routes the shape of the bar out. i think if you looked really closely at the bar, there would be a very fine join around the edge.

Nah they’re more than likely made form Beech or similar wood. Beech is/was used on the decks of ships dues to its appropriate qualities such as resistance to rot and termites, flexibility, and the ability to bend into shape using steam and bracing. Same technique used to make skateboard decks (although they’re laminated as well, but thats a different story).

Thats my guess anyway.

i always rode a maple deck…

That would explain a lot of things :evil:

+1 to the steam + press theory.

i concur