Time Trial idea

Over the xmas break - i was thinking of putting on a “western freeway classic” time trial.

LOCATION: western freeway bike path, start/finish at Freeway bike bridge at toowong, turnaround at Moggill road
TIME: late afternoon
DISTANCE: about 7 ks
FORMAT: slower riders first, each rider 30 seconds apart. Everyone Shirts overtakes has to buy him a beer
BEERS: At mine after. my shout

Not sure if anyone except shirts would be interested - so i thought i’d ask.

obviously very interested!

how do you propose to do the seeding?

yeh cool sounds fun.
any bike?

good question.
SEEDING: will be based on a timed sprint up that short first climb. only about 3 or 400 metres.

All bikes welcome!

also - in keeping with TDF time trial conditions - the start line will be on the bridge so you get a downhill kickstart

there’ no quicker way to cover such a short distance, on reasonably flat terain like this, than fixed

sounds good!

so keen!


I’m interested, however, I’m not clear on the course. I take it we’d race on the hard shoulder of the freeway?

hmm but i am a freewheelin’ polo-ist and gear-enger. i have no fixie skid bike any more. i’ll do it on the bianchi.

no - on the bike path that mirrors the freeway.
i’m thinking wednesday 29 december - around 5pm
how does that sound to everyone?

Sounds painful.

mmmm - may already be at the coast by then

when do you leave?

most likely either tuesday or wednesday

I have a feeling that extreme awesomeness will ensue

i have a feeling later, shirts is gonna beat my goal as the first fixie to make it up to the top of my street too.
will be a sight to behold. one end of my street is like a wall.

I am keen on this guys would be nice to meet some of you Brisbane boys and see how I go on the course. Anyone care to post a route overlay-ed on a map - I am pretty sure I know where the course is but just want to be sure